12 Safety Tips For Driving At Night

12 Safety Tips For Driving At Night 15 Jun, 2022

Night-time driving comes with some inherent risks. Checkout some basic measures that will help you to reduce them and will help you to have a safe experience while driving at night in the UAE.

Driving at Night in the UAE

With the number of fatalities due to road accidents on the rise, it is important to exercise utmost caution while driving – especially at night. Research and statistics show that at least 2 people die every day in the UAE due to negligent driving. The Road Safety department of the UAE reported 7.95 deaths per 100,000 people in 2018. The most alarming factor is that 55% of these accidents have occurred at night. This is also why driving rules in the UAE are enforced strictly with hefty fines, penalties and impounding for speeding, driving under influence, and reckless driving.


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Here are some basic measures that you can follow in order to have a safe experience while driving at night in the UAE:

  1. Map out the journey: Before you set off, plan your trip. Identify the route you have to take along with the number of pit stops on the way so you don’t have to take unnecessary detours. Depending on whether it is a short trip around the city or an overnight drive, you should be well prepared. If you are travelling with passengers who can drive, take turns to switch every few hours.


  1. Check vehicle lights: Before you start your journey, check your vehicle headlights and taillights to make sure there aren’t any defaults. Get your headlights angled correctly at the service centre beforehand. Dim your dashboard light as well in order to avoid any disturbance.


  1. Get your car serviced beforehand: Make sure you address any issues with the engine or battery before you leave. Do not ignore any warning signs. Get your tire pressure checked for all 5 tires i.e., including the spare tyre/stepney. Also ensure you have the car tools handy in case of any breakdown. Roadside assistance can be hard to access at night time. You should be well prepared for any surprises along the way.


  1. Clean your windshield: A dusty or cracked windshield may refract light and produce a glare which would directly affect your vision. Make sure you get it cleaned and fixed well in time. Also, ensure you have enough cleaning solution in the car water tank to clean the windshield periodically with the windshield wipers. This is particularly relevant for driving at night.


  1. Be alert and cautious: Although you should be attentive while driving at all times, driving at night requires additional cautiousness. Keep your eyes on the road at all times and look out for areas with low visibility. Majority of the cities in the UAE are well lit with adequate streetlights, however you may face difficulty in the outskirts. For example, the drive to the magnificent Love Lakes of Al Qudra desert is a challenging one due to the lack of streetlights.


  1. Minimize distractions: Do not use your phone while driving. Use other passengers’ assistance in case navigation is required. If travelling alone, use a hands-free mechanism or the car screen infotainment system in order to prioritize safety. Do not play extremely loud music. Take all possible precautions to maximize concentration.


  1. Drive slow: Non-adherence to speed limits while driving in the UAE can lead to fines or accumulation of black points. Besides, driving too fast has its own risks that get multiplied at night. While driving at night it is especially important to drive well within the speed limit to ensure the safety of yourself and those around.


  1. Maintain safe distance from other vehicles: While driving at high speeds make sure you maintain a safe distance of approximately 50 meters or two car distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you. Do not tailgate as you would be putting both vehicles at great risk. Keeping distance from other cars ensures your own safety in case there is sudden braking.


  1. Rest well before: Make sure you’ve slept and rested enough before you set off for your night journey. Lack of sleep directly impacts concentration which can be fatal for night driving. A large number of accidents reported between 12 AM – 6 AM took place because the driver fell asleep.


  1. Identify signs of fatigue: Regardless of how well rested you are, driving at night can get draining. Be mindful of how you are feeling and find the nearest rest stop and take a breather any time you start feeling drowsy or lose focus. Switch turns with other passengers who can drive if there are any. Do not take the risk of continuing the journey in a state of fatigue.


  1. Use high beam light whenever necessary: Although the standard setting for the vehicle headlights must be in low beam in the city, remote areas or areas with poor lighting permit and recommend high beam light. But make sure to turn it off if you see a vehicle in proximity and also when you are driving behind another car in order to avoid blinding them.


  1. Avoid two lane roads: It is advised to avoid two lane roads or highways at night since they are the riskiest with traffic coming from the other side. The opposing cars’ headlights can temporarily block your vision which can get very dangerous. If unavoidable, go through these roads with great caution.

The risks associated with night-time driving are immense, however with adequate precautions and presence of mind you will have a smooth journey. Driving at night in the UAE is beautiful experience but try not to get too adventurous.

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Have a safe journey!


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