10 Winter Skin Care Tips and Remedies to Try at Home This Season

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Discover effective at-home remedies and tips for winter skin care to maintain a radiant and healthy complexion this season. Click here to know more!

Skin care remedies for dry skin in winter

Having a skin care routine in winter is extremely important.

Winter is the most anticipated time of the year in UAE. However, we do not anticipate having dry skin when winter finally arrives. The brief cold weather following the scorching heat of summer affects our skin in more ways than you think. Dry skin is a common problem faced with the drop in temperature, leaving the skin drained of its natural oils.


Quick Read Section

  • Dryness of the skin is a major problem face during the winter season in UAE. This is due to greater absorption of moisture on exposure to dry winds in the cold weather.
  • An effective method to keep the skin hydrated and prevent lips from getting chapped is to implement a proper winter skincare routine and diet.
  • The skincare regimen followed in winter must include suitable winter skincare products such as moisturizers, oil or glycerine-based cleansers, sunscreens, facial creams, and hydrating sheet masks.
  • Following a healthy diet with lots of Vitamin-C rich fruits and drinking eight glasses of water helps the skin stay hydrated and naturally moisturised.
  • Home remedies using everyday ingredients are an alternative solution to using expensive winter skin care products.


Compromising on skin care and fitness tends to be a common trend this time of the year. While we prioritise comfort, it is also necessary to prep ourselves according to the climate. Here are some tips and remedies to adopt in your winter skin care to maintain your youthful glow this season.

1.     Avoid taking hot baths in the cold weather

Fight the urge to take a hot bath after battling the cold outside, as it can badly affect your skin. Though the heat momentarily provides relief against the cold, bathing in hot water causes dryness and gives you itchy skin.

Instead, use lukewarm water in your winter skin care routine to wash your face and body. Also, make sure to reduce your time in the shower as longer exposure to water dries out your skin easily.

2.     Use moisturising products in your winter skin care for dry skin

Moisturising products are a wise choice to incorporate in your winter skin care routine. Use thick moisturising face creams and body lotions to keep your skin from irritation and dryness. Add moisturising shower gels and lotions to your after-shower skin care practices, especially if you naturally have dry skin.

It is good to use a moisturizing cream at least twice a day during the winter season. Remember to apply moisturising cream before stepping outside of your house to protect your skin from the cold, dry wind.

3.     Mild products are dermatologically recommended for winter skin care

It is wiser to switch to gentle soaps and detergents in winter, to protect your skin from eczema and dryness. Mild products generally have less alcohol content, chemicals, and weak scents, which work better for winter skin care. Oil-based or Glycerine-based cleansers are the best for your face during winter, than using alcohol-based cleansers which cause dryness.

If you’re someone with sensitive skin, make sure to purchase detergents that are suitable for dry skin.

4.     Drink water to stay hydrated in the winter

Keeping yourself hydrated in winter is as important as it is in the summer season. We tend to feel thirstier during summer than in winter due to the loss of moisture from our bodies while sweating. While we do not sweat much in winter, it is still important to drink eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin moisturised.

Make sure to stay hydrated, to prevent dry skin and chapped lips in winter. Also include lots of fresh, juicy fruits in your diet. 

5.     Taking vitamin supplements rejuvenates your skin during winter

Along with winter comes a supplement of infections and diseases that affect both our immunity and our skin. Vitamin supplements help the texture of your skin from deteriorating when you fall sick. You need to check up with your General physician before taking any such supplements.

You can also include natural Vitamin C-rich fruits like apples and oranges in your diet for healthy skin. It helps to naturally moisturise your skin and aids the production of Collagen, a protein that keeps the skin firm.

6.     Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the winter sun

 Though sun exposure is lesser during winter, it is still good to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays using sunscreen. There are facial creams that constitute sunscreen in them but ensure they have a rating higher than SPF 15.

7.     Apply balm to stop your lips from getting chapped

Cracked lips are another common issue that comes with long exposure to the dry weather.  Lip balms with Vitamin E are the best for chapped lips in winter. Keep your lips moisturised and cut-free throughout the cold season.

8.     Skin exfoliation and hydrating masks for added moisturisation

Our skin tends to get flaky during winter which might eventually leave us with permanent scars. To avoid this, exfoliate twice a week to get rid of dead cells that prevent moisture from getting absorbed.

Rehydrating sheet masks further help in retaining moisture and prevent your skin from aging during winter. Make sure to check if you have any skin-related allergies before applying any external products.

9.     Add a layer of cotton between your skin and the winter clothes you wear

Dressing heavily with lots of layers is the norm during winter. But ensure to wear cotton between the heavy fabrics you wear in winter. Try to wear socks, only made from cotton or micro-fiber.

10.  Reduce the usage of air-conditioning in winter

Air conditioning makes the air drier than usual, which affects your skin negatively. Using a humidifier is the ideal solution to keep your environment winter skin friendly. Humidifier helps increase the moisture in the air to keep your skin hydrated and avoid dry scales.


Here are some DIY home remedies to keep your skin healthy this winter:

  • Turmeric is a natural remedy that cures all kinds of skin ailments. Use turmeric paste on dry and irritated areas of skin for instant relief.
  • Use Rosewater or Epsom salts in your bath to increase the hydration of your skin in winter. It also provides relief from muscle pain and helps keep your skin moisturised.
  • Chapped lips are a common issue faced in winter. Save your lips from getting dry and cracked by applying a mix of sugar and honey with coconut oil.
  • Eating foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids provides nutrients for that extra glow to your skin.
  • Massage your skin weekly with natural oils like almond oil or olive oil, which act as a natural moisturizer for dry skin in winter.


Knowing your skin type or combination and the products that are suitable for your skin is very important. People with oily skin are less affected during winter. However, those with dry skin and a combination of the two need to keep their sensitive areas adequately moisturized.

Excessive dehydration of the skin due to lack of care leads to irritation and the skin becoming itchy with eczema. Therefore, we should implement a proper routine including winter skin care products like mild cleansers, hydrating moisturizers, facial creams, and lotions.

Though the transition from UAE’s humidity is something we all look forward to, it can take a negative toll on our skin. Lack of proper skincare in winter can eventually lead to permanent scarring of the skin. Implementing a healthy diet and taking care of your skin should be a priority this winter season.


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