10 Road Safety Rules and Regulations to Follow and Avoid Traffic Fines in UAE

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Do you know these traffic violations that can get you penalized in UAE? Click here to get yourself up to date on the traffic rules in UAE.

How to avoid traffic fines in the UAE?

UAE roads are smooth and easy to drive on. But what’s not easy is avoiding traffic violations that could get you charged with monetary fines and penalties.

Through social media, UAE Traffic police departments post regularly about traffic violations and accidents due to driver negligence. To ensure road safety and lessen the risk of accidents, the UAE government has set in place rules and regulations that help in catching traffic violators. Disobeying these traffic rules in UAE can get you black points and fines. Scoring 24 black points can ultimately get a driver’s license suspended and their vehicle impounded.

It's worth noting that having valid car insurance coverage is not only essential for your safety but also a legal requirement to avoid penalties and fines for driving without insurance in the UAE.

Quick Read Section

  • When driving in the UAE, it's critical to keep both your own safety and the safety of other road users in mind by using safe driving techniques.
  • The UAE government has implemented rules and regulations to assist in the capture of traffic violators.
  • Violation of UAE road laws can result in black points, fines and suspension of driver’s license.
  • Over speeding, not having proper documents and car insurance can get drivers in UAE penalized with as well.
  • It is necessary to follow traffic rules and drive with care to protect yourself and other motorists from collisions and accidents.


Below are some mandatory traffic rules you must know and follow while driving on UAE roads:


1.     Always wear your seatbelt to protect yourself from fines and collisions.

You might have had at least one encounter with the radars on UAE roads. Did you know that the radars in UAE are not just in place to detect those who drive over the speed limit? Radars are now equipped to even detect if you are not wearing your seatbelt or using your mobile phone while driving. It is mandatory for drivers as well as passengers to wear a seatbelt in UAE. Not wearing a seatbelt can get you charged with a fine of AED 400 and four black points. Also make sure to have a child safety seat fitted for passengers aged four and below.



2.     Keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone!

Do you reply to texts while driving?

Many motorists in UAE have a habit of texting while stuck in traffic or driving on highways. However, using your mobile phone while driving is highly prohibited in UAE.

Abu Dhabi police have even equipped themselves with a method to detect drivers using their phones while driving. They use an artificial intelligence automated system that captures high-resolution images of the vehicle.

If found scrolling or texting behind wheels, you could get charged with a fine of AED 800 and four black points.

3.     Stay calm and do not speed over the limit.

Exceeding the speed limit while driving is a traffic violation in UAE. Over speeding can cost you a great few black points and fines. The radars you see on the side of roads serve to mainly detect over speeding. Radars are set to detect vehicles speeding 20 kmph over the speed limit in all emirates, except Abu Dhabi.

Speed Limit Fine Amount Black Points Number of days vehicle is confiscated / impounded

19 kmph over speed limit

AED 300



29 kmph over speed limit

AED 600



39 kmph over speed limit

AED 700



49 kmph over speed limit

AED 1000



59 kmph over speed limit

AED 1500


15 days

60 kmph over speed limit

AED 2000


30 days

80 kmph over speed limit

AED 3000


60 days


4.     Intoxication is hazardous even to your road health!

UAE has highly strict regulations about driving while intoxicated. It can even get the vehicle driver behind bars and their driving license suspended for a year. Those who are found drunk driving will be charged a heavy fine of AED 20,000 and 23 black points. In addition to this, the vehicle will be confiscated for 60 days.

5.     Do not make the mistake of driving without your documents!

Owning a car means you are also responsible for maintaining it. Driving with an expired registration document can get your car impounded. A valid registration document for your vehicle and getting a car insurance policy . Without it, you could get charged with a fine of AED 10,000 and four black points.

6.     Driving passengers for money is illegal in UAE.

Vehicle owners are not permitted to drive passengers for commercial purposes without obtaining approval from authorities. Offering rides for money without a commercial vehicle permit can result in a fine of AED 3000 and 24 black points.

7.     Driving without care for others’ safety and yours can cost you greatly!

Not following traffic rules and driving recklessly putting yourself and others at risk is a punishable offence in UAE. Reckless driving can result in a fine of AED 50,000 and 23 black points. It is important to practice good driving habits and watch out for yourself and others on the road.

These violations can also get you charged with hefty fines:


Fine Amount

Tinting windows (more than 50 percent)

AED 10,000 

Jumping the red light

AED 50,000

Abrupt Swerving

AED 1000

Driving with expired tyres

AED 500

Throwing garbage from vehicles

AED 500

Usage of unauthorized stickers

AED 400

Not using indicators while switching lanes

AED 200

Parking in unauthorized spots

AED 200

Driving without headlights

AED 200

8. Avoid tailgating the vehicle in front of you.

Radars in some parts of the UAE can detect tailgating and charge you with fines. Not maintaining a safe distance between the vehicle in front can result in a fine of AED 400 and four black points.

9. Make sure your car modifications don’t violate noise stipulations.

Car modification is allowed in UAE, but the alterations should be made following the rules and regulations stated by vehicle authorities. Modifications that create noise disturbances and are found to induce panic will be fined AED 2000 and 6 black points. Sharjah Police detects noisy vehicles through their advanced radar system, powered by solar technology. Automobiles emitting noise over 95 decibels will be charged with 12 black points.



10. Steer clear of road racing and avoid using fast lanes unless necessary!

Driving on fast lanes is permitted only for emergency vehicles and for the purpose of overtaking. Any other unauthorized use of fast lanes can get you charged up to AED 400. And participation in illegal road racing can get you charged with a fine of AED 100, 000.


Accidents and loss of life due to reckless driving and traffic violations can be avoided every day. The traffic laws are preventive measures put in place to prevent the number of casualties due to vehicle collisions.

It is important to look out for your safety as well as the safety of others while driving on the roads in UAE by following safe and defensive driving habits. Do your part and follow the traffic rules and regulations stipulated by the UAE government.

Remember that the radars in UAE are always watching!

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