Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk
Cyber Risk

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance policy is designed to protect businesses in case it experiences a data breach.

The key coverage provided under cyber insurance are as follows:
  • Security & Privacy Liability provides coverage against third-party claims, arising from a failure of the insured’s network security or a failure to protect personally identifiable information.
  • Event Management cover responds to a security failure or privacy breach, paying costs of notifications (including voluntary notifications), public relations and other services to assist in managing and mitigating a cyber hacking incident.
  • Network Business Interruption cover responds to loss of income and operating expenses when a company’s business operations are interrupted or suspended due to a network security failure.
  • Cyber Extortion cover responds to the threat of cyber attacks against a company by an outsider attempting to extort money. The cover also includes the cost of investigation to determine the cause of the attack.