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Package Policies

Package Policies

Package policies are designed for specific segments of businesses. These policies are structured to cater to the various risks to which the business is exposed to. The policies are segmented into various sections like Property damage, Business Interruption, Liability, Workmen’s Compensation, Money Insurance, Fidelity Guarantee and other similar covers. This gives an advantage to the business owner to get all possible covers included in a single policy document with a single policy expiry date.

Some of the common package policies available are:
  • Office Package-This policy covers various risks faced by an office establishment in one single policy.
  • Retail Package-This is a similar policy catering to shops, stores, salons, supermarkets etc.
  • Restaurant (Food & Beverage) Package Policy-This is designed for cafes, restaurants and other institutions serving food and drinks.
  • Hotel Package Policy- It is a specifically designed package product targeted at hotels and similar establishments and covers risks associated to this business.
  • Educational Institutions Package Policy-This policy is designed for schools, colleges etc and take special cognizance of the students and associated risks faced by the institutions.
  • Package policies for Clinics-This package is targeted towards clinics and similar medical establishments.
  • Jeweller’s Block–This is a specialized policy meant for Jewelers and takes care of the various risks to which they are exposed.