The Best Car Insurance Policies in the UAE in 2023

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Explore top car insurance policies in the UAE. Discover key features and factors to consider for choosing the best coverage for your vehicle. Click here!

Top Car Insurance Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

The UAE law mandates that every car owner must have car insurance. Therefore, no matter if you live in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai, not having car insurance can lead to hefty penalisation. The car insurance policy in UAE provides coverage, security and protection against accidents, thefts, and vandalism. A car insurance policy offers financial protection in case of natural disasters and accidents.


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  • Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle against accidents, vandalism, and theft.
  • Unlike third-party car insurance, full car insurance in UAE provides cover against natural calamities such as sandstorms. This type of insurance is available with additional and optional add-ons like car-renting options, passenger cover, etc.


A car insurance policy will provide maximum coverage, premiums, exclusions, and inclusions depending on your chosen policy. However, with multiple insurance choices, choosing an insurance plan that meets and fulfils your requirements can be complicated. Comprehensive car insurance in UAE offers car owners various benefits along with a worry-free life and peace of mind.

Full car insurance, commonly called comprehensive insurance, offers coverage against damage to your vehicle along with third-party affected during an accident.


What are the Types of Car Insurance Policies Available in the UAE?

Due to the risks associated with driving on the road, car insurance is a mandatory and legal requirement in the UAE. Driving a car without car insurance is a punishable offence and is essential for every car owner. Predominantly, the insurance companies in the UAE offer two types of insurance for cars.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: Comprehensive car insurance, also called full car insurance, offers protection against damage to the owner’s vehicle and the third party involved in the accident. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage against road accidents, vandalism, theft, and natural calamities such as sandstorms. You can also choose add-ons according to your requirements, like passenger cover and rent a car option. This type of insurance policy offers well-rounded and extensive coverage for the car owner.
  • Third-Party Liability Insurance: The second type of car insurance available in the UAE is third-party liability insurance. Third-party car insurance mainly covers damage caused to the other party involved in an accident. This type of insurance is the minimum and basic car insurance mandatory by law. It is most suited for people who don’t wish to invest a hefty amount in auto insurance. In case of an accident, third-party insurance offers coverage against damage caused to the third-party vehicle. The premium for this type of insurance is lower in comparison with comprehensive insurance. The premium rates vary based on the car model, vehicle variant, and driver’s age.


What Factors to Consider While Buying a Car Insurance Policy?

To avail maximum protection, you can choose a policy that offers complete coverage based on your requirements. Here is a list of essential factors you can consider while selecting a car insurance policy.

  • Agency Repair: Ensure that your car insurance policy offers agency repair. In case of any damage to your vehicle, the car dealer provides authentic parts used in case of any repair or servicing.
  • Medical Expenses: This feature offers coverage against medical expenditures for the passenger or the driver within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Off-road Coverage: This feature offers coverage against damage or loss of the vehicle while it gets driven off-road.
  • Personal Cover for Passenger and Driver: It offers financial coverage in case of the loss of life of a driver or passenger with a maximum cover of 200,000 AED per person.
  • Roadside Assistance: If you run out of fuel or break down in the middle of the road, you can call for immediate assistance.

These features are essential in a car insurance policy, and a car owner must look for them in a car insurance policy.


The Top Car Insurance Policies in the UAE

1.    Noor Takaful Insurance Company:

Noor Takaful Insurance has made its mark in the insurance industry despite being a new addition to the list. The insurance offered by this company combines the ongoing needs of the customers while complying to the traditional law of Sharia.

  • They offer car insurance plans including comprehensive coverage starting from AED 819/ year.
  • The third-party insurance policy offers coverage up to AED 2 million.
  • They also offer personal belonging coverage up to AED 4,000.
  • Noor Takaful car insurance policy also offers add-ons, such as Oman extension (comprehensive cover), off-road vehicle coverage, rent-a-car feature, as well as driver and passenger personal accident cover. 


2.    Sukoon Insurance Company:

With its headquarters in Dubai, Sukoon insurance (previously known as Oman Insurance company) is one of the most renowned and reliable car insurance companies. Sukoon Insurance is among the top names in UAE for car insurance. They offer a complete range of comprehensive and third-party car insurance plans.

  • The insurance offered by Sukoon includes comprehensive plans, third-party liability, high net worth motor cover insurance for luxury cars, and InsureMyTesla which is customised for Tesla owners.
  • Their third-party damage cover is AED 3,500,000 for comprehensive and third-party policies and AED 5,000,000 for InsureMyTesla and High Net Worth Vehicles
  • Their plans offer emergency medical coverage up to AED 5000, windscreen cover up to AED 3000, and personal accident cover up to AED 200,000 as add-on.
  • They also offer several other add-ons, such as personal accident cover, rent-a-car feature, off-road coverage for SUVs, and courtesy car cash benefit.


3.    Gulf Insurance Company (GIG):

GIG insurance (previously AXA insurance) is a multinational company based in France with a dominant presence in the gulf for over 68 years. The company offers comprehensive car insurance plans, including coverage of up to 15 years. What sets this company apart is their range of options and value-added services.

  • GIG Insurance offers numerous insurance policies like comprehensive car plans, third-party liability insurance, motor prestige, and motor perfect plans.
  • Their third-party damage cover is up to AED 3.5 million for GIG perfect and third-party insurance plans.
  • They also offer two types of emergency medical cover: Prestige Plan (Up to
  • The emergency road assistance feature is available throughout the year.
  • GIG also offers personal injury coverage up to AED 20,000 for both Prestige and Perfect plans.
  • Their car insurance can also be availed with add-ons, such as GCC cover, personal accident cover for the driver and the passenger.


4.    Emirates Insurance Company:

A pioneer in the insurance industry, Emirates Insurance has been a leading insurance company for over 30 years. It is a semi-government company, operating from 30 offices across with over 250 employees. Emirates Insurance offers a wide range of car insurance plans.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Emirates Insurance offers comprehensive coverage against accidental damage to the policyholder’s vehicle and the third-party vehicle or property. Comprehensive coverage also provides insurance for damage to third parties and liability to the passengers in the policyholder’s car.
  • Third-Party Liability: This cover protects against accidental damage and injuries incurred by the third-party vehicle and the driver and passenger injuries. It also offers cover for property damage and passengers in the insured’s car.
  • Motor Fleet Policies: These policies offer annual cover for multiple vehicles owned by the policyholder under one policy. The insured can add or remove vehicles from the policy whenever needed.


5.    Orient Insurance Company:

Orient Insurance is one of the most trusted insurance companies in the UAE. The company has made its mark in the insurance industry with the complete range of insurance policies it offers. Orient insurance offers different types of policies that are easy to claim and cover damages to the car insurance holder as well as the third party involved. Orient Insurance provides the policyholders with roadside assistance in case their car breaks down. The company offers insurance coverage of up to AED 1,000 in the Sultanate of Oman. Orient Auto Insurance provides cover for the damages caused to the insured’s vehicle and provides cover against theft. It permits the registration of claims for an amount almost equal to the declared value as mentioned in the car insurance policy.


6.    Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company(RSA) :

RSA Insurance has a strong lineage of in the insurance industry. They have been offering the best car insurance policies to their UAE customers since the year 1956. RSA strives to evolve with the evolving customer needs and are one of the oldest insurance companies. They have established and successful offices in the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East. They offer a wide range of car insurance policies which are categorised in three types.


The Motor Executive insurance covers:

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Third party liability for property damage
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Emergency repairs
  • Personal injury
  • Third-party liability for family and passengers
  • Loss or damage to insured vehicles
  • Off-road cover
  • Natural calamities
  • Breakdown recovery
  • Windscreen protection


The Motor Smart plan is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers:

  • Personal possessions
  • Using insured car in Oman
  • Garage of valet parking
  • Lock replacement
  • Off road cover
  • Loss or damage to the insured vehicle
  • Third party liability cover for passengers or family
  • Natural disasters
  • Personal injury
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Windscreen protection
  • Personal accident benefit for passenger


The Motor Value insurance policy offers third party coverage with an extended cover in Oman. Here are a few factors covered by the motor value car insurance:

  • Ambulance expenses
  • Third party liability for damage of property
  • Using insured car in Oman
  • Basic Cover
  • Off road cover
  • Personal accident benefit for passenger

It also offers add-ons and optional covers including own damage (partial loss), personal accident benefit for the driver, and breakdown recovery.


7.    Watania Insurance:

Watania insurance offers cover for damage to insured’s vehicle and accessories due to accidents or unintentional damage by yourself or the driver. The policy also offers third-party liability against third-party property damage, physical injury, or death.

  • Watania insurance covers
  • Offers in case of accidents that lead to injury or loss of life
  • is the benefit that offers coverage against physical injuries and bodily injury.
  • Battery boosting services are also offer under the insurance policy to help jumpstart your car. However, battery replacement is not covered under the insurance plan.
  • It also offers coverage against damage due to natural calamities.


8.    American International Group Insurance Company (AIG):

American International Group Inc. is a leading insurance company globally. They provide a wide range of life, car, and casualty insurance plans in over 80 countries. They are committed to offering comprehensive car insurance coverage to their policyholders against diverse risk factors.

  • All-in-one cover: Through this cover the insurance holder can obtain insurance against unlimited number of vehicles including motorcycles, vintage cars, cars for everyday use and more under a single policy.
  • Agreed Value: Under this policy, the company offers consultations to evaluate your vehicles’ value. In case a covered total loss occurs, the company gives you the agreed amount regardless of the depreciation.
  • Vehicle Replacement: If your new car is totalled within three years of purchase, you can choose how you wish your car to be replaced. You can replace the car with a vehicle of the same make and model.
  • Repairs: If you have insured an antique or high-value car, this insurance cover will ensure the use of original manufacturers’ parts (if available) for repairs.


How to Buy Car Insurance?

The best way to buy car insurance in the UAE is through a car insurance broker. With multiple and extensive insurance options available, finding appropriate car insurance according to your needs can be hectic. It is wise to seek professional help from car insurance brokers, as they have extensive knowledge about the best premiums, coverage, companies, and the right plan to suit your requirements.

A car insurance broker is like an agent who researches various options available and provides you with the best insurance plans that accommodate your needs. Working with a car insurance broker will save you time and effort and ensure you receive abundant benefits and discounts.


With a wide variety of options available in the market, choosing the best car insurance that meets your requirements can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Hence, it is wise to seek professional help from insurance brokers, who can help you find and customise the best car protection plan as per your

Here are some fundamental reasons why seeking help from car insurance brokers can benefit you.

  • Expert Advice: They can offer their expert opinion as they comprehensively understand car plans that suit your needs.
  • Beneficial Offers: Most UAE insurance companies work closely with brokers and promote their car insurance plans. Hence, working with a car insurance broker can get you attractive discounts and premiums.
  • Exclusive Car Insurance: Getting insurance for vintage and premium cars may be limited to the public. You can also receive premium rates that are preferential.


It is essential to compare a range of policies from different insurance companies. Ensure that you associate yourself with a trusted insurance broker who can comprehend and offer options for choosing the best car insurance plan. Choose an insurance company or broker that works dedicatedly and makes the entire process simple and hassle-free. Now that you know how important car insurance is in the UAE, it is mandatory to have one when you take your car on the road.


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