August 16, 2018

Seek Professional Advice Before Buying Online Insurance Policies In The UAE

Seek professional advice before buying online insurance policies in the UAE

Like for any other services & products available in the market place, the buying pattern is evolving in the insurance space as well.

Seek professional advice before buying online insurance policies in the UAE

Like for any other services & products available in the market place, the buying pattern is evolving in the insurance space as well. Slowly but surely, insurance is catching up in pace with its elder cousins in the financial sector as far as innovative distribution and accessibility is concerned. The evolution is happening and the trends clearly suggest a shift in the purchasing behavior of younger generation which has led to digitalization of insurance sales. As the new point of sales gets digitized, more and more people have started to prefer buying through electronic modes. The clear advantages of quick hassle free transactions, ease of access at any time and from any place and the price benefits have championed the cause of mushrooming online aggregators. The insurers and the brokers, having felt the need, have also developed their online capabilities and are offering their services through digital channels. Gargash introduced on line payment portal as early as 2016. While this mode of sales is slowly gaining momentum in consumer lines of insurance, it exposes huge risks for the buyers who often do not go into detail and are swayed by lower price only. Insurance is and always will be a subject of thoughtful buying. The intangible nature of the product and the hidden line make insurance buying a challenging job.

The ease cannot be undermined, nor can the accessibility be. However, prudence demands careful online buying. You need to be sure about what you are buying especially when products are not uniform and consume redressal is minimal. Many a times, purchase is made completely on the basis of price without going deep into the other more important features of the insurance product. This purely price driven choice can be suicidal and you might have to regret the decision during a claim. Most of the online portals focus on price often cutting corners. So, the advice is to buy online, but with caution. It’s better if you take the advices of experts and then make your informed decision. If you interact with a professional broker, he or she will be in a better position to guide you with your purchase which finally you can complete on your own. 5 minutes of extra time can save you from huge losses later As we strongly advocate online buying, we also recommend personal interactions with experts during the buying phase. We, at Gargash Insurance Services, offer you this winning combination – professional advice along with online access. You can chat with our experts before or during your transaction. Our team will be more than happy to advice you throughout the process. You can even use the online chat facility in our website.

Some of the products available online in our website is as below :

Motor Insurance

We offer complete transactional capability with respect to insuring your home.

Travel Insurance

If you are travelling abroad, do visit our website to check the rates and buy travel insurance policies for you and your family.

My India Care

This product is a combination of 'Personal, Accident, Medical Insurance and Critical Care' policy for Non-Resident Indians. The premium on this product starts as low as AED 311*. You can check the covers in detail in our website and buy it for your family.

Hemayati Plus

This is a life insurance policy. Our website has the premium and benefits listed which can assist you to take an informed decision on financial planning.

Please visit our website and for our expert advisor call us at 800GARGASH.


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