Renewal Of Health Insurance Policy With Another Insurer

renewal of policy with another insurer 30 Jan, 2018

Preference and customer satisfaction are relative as far insurance services are concerned.

Preference and customer satisfaction are relative as far insurance services are concerned. They keep changing and customers often want to opt for another insurance company on learning that service is better or more benefits can be availed.

Now that it’s time for renewal of the mandatory health insurance under the Essential Basic Plan prescribed by the Dubai Health Authority (from January 1, 2018 for those who have opted for it last year), whether a policyholder can take the policy from another insurance company ?

Yes, they can take from any Preferred Insurer in the market. The DHA-approved insurers are: GIG Gulf Insurance, Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company, National Health Insurance Company (Daman), Oman Insurance Company, Orient Insurance, Metlife Alico, Takaful Emarat, Dar Al Takaful, National General Insurance Company, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC), Union Insurance and Noor Takaful.

Then, there is the doubt whether the benefits offered by the earlier policies be available in the new policy issued by another insurance company, they had the six-month gap (or waiting period) for chronic diseases and pre-existing medical conditions.

Basic Plan has the same benefits for almost all insurers as the benefits are regulated by the DHA. The six-months waiting period is for only virgin group, so if there is an experienced group pre-existing gets waived and members are covered from Day 1 for pre-existing and chronic conditions. Renew your policy online before the expiry date. So, it’s advisable that you stick to your first insurer as the terms and conditions as well as benefits are almost the same with all insurers.

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