Reasons Why You Need Eye and Dental Care Add-ons in Your Medical Insurance

Eye and Dental Coverage-Health Insurance- Gargash Insurance 06 Dec, 2022

Purchasing an insurance policy with Eye and Dental coverage depends on a number of factors, such as the policy options you have to choose from, the types of vision and dental care products and services you need, and how frequently you need them. Read further to understand the need of these add-ons in your medical insurance.

Vision and dental care are essential components of healthcare, but at times, they are overlooked and not covered in your health insurance plan. The UAE offers advanced treatment options and is home to the best healthcare practitioners in the world. The UAE provides health insurance coverage for residents, enabling them to avail the best resources for maximum benefits. Different medical insurance plans offer numerous coverage levels at various premiums to suit your budget and requirements. 

Visual impairments might lead to severe problems and interfere with your routine activities. Many eye care procedures may require multiple consultations or surgery. If your health insurance plan fail to cover it, you might be left with massive hospital bills.

We might not consider dental issues as medical emergencies, but shooting pains down your teeth is seldom a pleasant experience. Dental care procedures can be expensive, and you might regret not adding them to your medical insurance plan. Vision and dental care add-on to your insurance plan, and you can avail these comprehensive benefits for additional coverage.


Quick Read Section

  • Health insurance covers a person's entire, or part expenses incurred during medical procedures depending on the type of policy, extent of coverage etc.
  • The UAE has a robust healthcare infrastructure with a large number of public and private hospitals.
  • It is mandatory for individuals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to have a medical insurance plan for visa issuance. Basic coverage medical insurance for a family of four in the UAE costs about AED 17,000, depending on the type of plan, pre-existing medical conditions etc.
  • There are public and private health care plans available to UAE residents and expats.
  • Basic health insurance plans do not include eye care and dental care, but these benefits can be availed through add-ons.


The Benefits of Dental Care Add-ons

Even though the UAE is home to cutting-edge medical care, the rising prices often make certain treatments including dental procedures inaccessible to individuals. Including a dental add-on to your health insurance plan increases the premium, but also enables you to avail top notch dental care at affordable costs.

While getting a dental add-on plan, you can verify if your plan covers the following: 

  • Offers coverage for preventive procedures like x-rays, dental fillings and so on. 
  • Includes minor procedures like root canals, cleanings etc.


Who is Eligible for Dental Insurance Plans?

There are different eligibility criteria for varied medical plans. However, dental insurance plan requirements don't differ much from health insurance plans. 

  • The applicant must be 18-21 years of age. 
  • The applicant must have the mentioned income level as per the plan. 
  • The applicant must be a citizen or a resident of the UAE. 


Why is Eye Care Add-on Important? 

Vision care is critical, especially if you have a visual impairment. The expenses of visual aids or minor procedures can often leave you worried. However, with a suitable eye care add-on to your medical insurance plan, you can take a sigh of relief. Basic health care insurance often doesn't cover vision care. In the UAE, you can avail an add-on for eye-care to access affordable eye care in the UAE.

Eye-care add-on plans offer coverage for an individual and their dependents. The extent of coverage and premium vary depending upon the specifications of the policy. Choose an add-on plan that suits your requirements the best. 

Eligibility: The eligibility for vision care is the same as a dental plan add-on. Make sure your vision care add-on covers all minor and major procedures. 


As medical insurance is mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for visa issuance, there are a large number of health insurance providers and health insurance plans in the UAE. Hence, you might find yourself in a maze when picking the right insurance. Obtaining your insurance through a health insurance broker will eliminate all your efforts in the wrong direction. A health insurance broker will help you choose the best plan that fits your requirement. Our team of health insurance experts will guide you through the application process, ensure maximum coverage on add-ons, get you affordable, medical insurance quotes and renewals. Obtaining your health care plan through a broker will smoothly navigate your journey to acquire the top benefits of medical insurance plans. Insure yourself and your family for the top medical insurance, because health is your greatest possession.

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