Insurance Policies for Maids in the UAE – Medical Insurance & Employer’s Liability Insurance

Insurance policies for maids in the UAE 24 Apr, 2018

It is common in the households of the UAE to have maids as cooks, cleaners, caretakers, drivers, babysitters etc.

It is common in the households of the UAE to have maids as cooks, cleaners, caretakers, drivers, babysitters etc. It is crucial that they are being taken care very well as they form an indispensable part of the family. It is reciprocal service that is intended upon the employers in return to the care and service they provide to the well being of the house and its members.

Sponsoring them comes with the cost of a visa, salary, flights and basic living expenses. What is often overlooked is the basic health insurance – something that could cost the sponsors further.

Insurance for a maid comes in two main forms:

Health insurance and Liability insurance

(Employer’s Liability & Maids personal liability to the public)

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is vital, as it is necessary to have the domestic workers in peak physical form so that they can carry out all the tasks necessary to keep the home running smoothly.

Liability Insurance takes two forms:

Employers Liability:

Employers Liability is when you negligently injure your maid or cause an injury by direct or indirect means, like maid having an accident during transit in your car.

Maid Liability towards your guests or other third parties:

Maid Liability is when your maid negligently causes damage or injury to others such as your guests, neighbors etc. For example, accidental fire triggered by the maid while cooking or forcing the pram on a car while moving your child.

The causes and effects are plenty which is why there needs to be insurance back up to provide the financial support during unfortunate circumstances.

Health/Medical Insurance concerning maids:

Maids are not exempt from availing compulsory medical insurance in Dubai. It is the duty of the employer to take a medical insurance on behalf of their domestic workers to avoid facing fines (AED 500 per month).

DHA has provided license to certain health insurance companies to provide Essential Benefit Package (EBP) in the UAE. EBP is the package for workers making less than AED 4,000 per month and is the minimum insurance package a sponsor should provide for their domestic workers. The cost will usually be AED 550 (terms and conditions apply).

EBP is a very basic plan that assists reducing costs associated with health checks and treatments and it is valid only in the UAE.

Liability Insurance Concerning maids:

Employer’s Liability Insurance is available under certain home insurance policies up to AED 250,000 which you become legally liable to pay in respect of injury, illness or disease to your domestic servants. The limit differs from insurer to insurer.

In case of death or disability to your domestic servants the financial benefit that may be offered by your home insurance company would be up to a minimum of AED 30,000/-, but this should be agreed by your insurance provider.

Medical and Repatriation expenses can also be covered subject to prior approval of your insurance company.

Legal Liability towards your guests or other third parties:

The legal liability section under your home insurance policy will cover any legal liability which you or any member of your household (including maids) becomes legally liable to pay in respect of accidental property damage or accidental bodily injury to any person (third party).

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