Health Insurance for Non-working Dependents and Aged Parents who are UAE Expats

Dependents and Aged Parents in UAE- Health Insurance- Gargash Insurance 18 Nov, 2022

Discover health insurance options for non-working dependents and aged parents of UAE expats. Ensure comprehensive coverage for your loved ones with this detailed guide.

The Emirates offers new doors for possibilities and a comfortable lifestyle for expatriates. However, with the excellent lifestyle, the medical treatments and procedures can be expensive and cost a fortune in UAE.

Medical insurance is essential in protecting your loved ones and dependents when a medical emergency arises. Choosing health insurance for senior citizens can be confusing and complicated due to the number of options available. However, some factors can help you choose the best health insurance for the dependents in your family, whether it be your children, spouse or aged parents. Basic medical insurance in the UAE covers specific treatments and offers extensive benefits. However, there are certain medical procedures that the basic plan doesn't cover, like dental and vision care. Choosing an additional cover for your dependents can be wise and more cost-effective than paying a fortune for unprecedented health emergencies.

Health insurance for UAE Nationals and citizens are governed by specific emirates. The emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have their own programmes for its citizens called  ‘Thiqa’ programme and ‘Saada’ programme respectively.


Quick Read Section 

  • Medical insurance policies vary and depend on the relationship between the dependent and the sponsor.
  • Many companies in the UAE make it mandatory for employees to insure their dependents in the same health insurance plan. 
  • Different Emirates in the UAE have varied rules for basic medical insurance policies for dependents.
  • In the emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah, employers aren't legally responsible for paying their dependents or employees for medical insurance.


Medical Insurance Policies for Dependents in the Different Emirates (For Expatriates)


Different emirates in the UAE have different sets of rules regarding dependent medical insurance. We will look at these laws in the emirates in the following section.

  • Abu Dhabi: In Abu Dhabi, the law mandates employers to provide their employees with medical insurance and their dependents, but they are not obliged to do so for all their dependents. The cost for dependent insurance is shared 50% each by employer and employee. The medical insurance covers the spouse and three children under 18 years of age. However, the employee must bear the insurance cost if the employee's dependents are aged parents, children over 18 or house helps/maids.
  • Dubai: The laws in the emirate of Dubai mandate that employers need to provide health insurance coverage to their employees that cover medical treatments and procedures of 150,000 AED every year. The employee is independently responsible for their dependents' health insurance, not the employer.



How is Medical Insurance Different for Dependents?


The UAE medical insurance plan varies depending on the relationship between the visa holder and their dependent. A family insurance plan may be cost-efficient and can save you a fortune when insuring your dependents. Many companies in the UAE require employees to cover all their dependents under a single-family plan, resulting in lower rejections when claiming insurance.

  • Aged Parents as Dependents: If you want to insure your aged parents under medical insurance, you may face some difficulties. Several companies deny providing health insurance for senior citizens above 65 years with pre-existing illnesses. Although, you can get medical insurance for your aged parents above 50 years at higher premium charges than for children and spouses. Comprehensive insurance for old parents can be up to 30,000 AED.
  • House Help as Dependents: The employer of the domestic help is responsible for sponsoring their health insurance legally. Comprehensive health insurance for household workers can start from 650 AED.
  • Spouse and Children as Dependents: You are responsible for providing the best health insurance for your spouse and children. Many companies cover the medical insurance for the employee's spouse and three children. However, the employee is solely responsible for protecting their 4th child with insurance.


Our team of expert health insurance brokers will help you to get the best health insurance for non-working dependents in your family. We understand it can be overwhelming to choose health insurance with numerous options available. Our health insurance brokers will assist you in getting maximum coverage at affordable and cost-effective premiums and insure your family in case of medical emergencies.


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