Essential Steps to Get the Best Health Insurance Plan in Dubai

Essential Steps- Health Insurance- Gargash Insurance 17 Nov, 2022

The rise in several unknown diseases is an onset of medical emergencies that may arise in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic brought immense strain on people without medical insurance. In tough times like these, the need for medical insurance has become a priority. Here's what you need to know about getting the best health insurance plan in Dubai.

As the world progresses toward new possibilities, healthcare is becoming an essential element of our life. UAE is a home to some of the best medical practitioners and health care facilities in the world. Health insurance generally has different coverage levels available at different premiums to suit customer needs and budget. The rise in several unknown diseases is an onset of medical emergencies that may arise in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic brought immense strain on the healthcare system and people without medical insurance suffered significant consequences. In tough times like these, the need for medical insurance in UAE has become a priority. It would help if you considered investing in health insurance in Dubai to avail monetary benefits in case of health adversity, affordable health care services, and ensure maximum coverage in the rising inflation.

The modern lifestyle has invited many deadly and unknown diseases. Unlike the early days, when colds, coughs and fever were common causes of hospital visits, chronic diseases have taken over more hospital beds than ever. So, words for the wise, this is the best time to invest in maximum coverage health insurance in UAE. An insurance broker can help you select the best health insurance benefit plan that will aid you in tough times.


Quick Read Section

  • Health insurance in Dubai is mandatory for every resident.
  • To avail the best treatments for you and your family, a health insurance plan will aid you financially and save costs.
  • The UAE is the fastest-growing economy, with a population of 9.6 million. Inflation is set to rise in this growing population, and health insurance policies will be a wise step to cover your medical emergencies.
  • According to a survey, the health and medical insurance market is set to grow at a (CAGR of 5%) till 2027.


The Types of Health Insurance

Family is our first and most important responsibility. In the UAE, there are various types of insurance that you can choose from. Here's a brief explanation of the types of insurances in UAE:

  • Individual Health Insurance: This type of medical insurance in UAE covers the benefits for a single policyholder.
  • Family Plans: You are also responsible for providing the best medical treatments to your family. The family medical insurance in Dubai covers the health cost expenses for your family members.
  • Dependents Health Insurance: As the name suggests this plan covers dependents ranging from aged parents to spouse and children.
  • Investors Health Insurance: This plan is apt for investors. It offers health coverage for them and their dependents
  • Employee Health Insurance: It covers household staff like maids, drivers, etc, who earn less than AED 4,000 per month.
  • Health Insurance for Northern Emirates: This insurance plan is suitable for residents of the Northern Emirates in UAE, namely Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.
  • Group Health Insurance: This health insurance policy is taken by employers for employees. This is mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


All these details may sound confusing. This is where we will step in and help you choose the best plan for you and your family.


Steps to Choose the Best Medical Insurance in Dubai:

  • Coverage, Benefits and Inclusions: You should choose a plan that best suits your requirements. While a basic plan might be cheaper, choosing an  enhanced coverage will offer you better coverage and will be beneficial in the long run.
  • Lifetime Renewability: Old ages comes with many uninvited and unanticipated illnesses. You should select medical insurance that offers lifetime renewability and helps you save costs.
  • Research: Don't fall prey to false promises. Always research thoroughly about health insurance plans that offer maximum coverage and premium. Choose a trusted and experienced health insurance broker to help you navigate through choosing the best plan.
  • Hospital Network: We always want the best medical treatment possible. When choosing medical insurance in Dubai, ensure that the plan enables you to avail treatment at your preferred clinic and hospitals. Remember to consider hospitals close to your area of residence as they will be more accessible.


What are the Documents needed for Medical Insurance in the UAE?

  • The documents admissible under age proof are birth certificates, driver's licence, voter's ID, and a valid passport copy. Make sure you provide all these documents for every person you wish to buy medical insurance in your family.
  • Valid Residence proof and a Visa copy.
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Completed Medical Application Form
  • Sponsor documents (For enhanced medical plans)
  • Previous medical  reports (if any): These records are usually only applicable while purchasing enhanced medical insurance plans.


Applicants between the ages of 18-75 are eligible to buy medical insurance in Dubai. The law mandates that the applicant must be a resident of the UAE.

Insurance brokers offer unparalleled advice and impartial risk assessment. Hence, buying a health insurance plan with a broker's help will ensure that the plans are tailor-made to the customer's unique needs for maximum benefits. Through our team of committed health insurance brokers, you can get affordable health insurance plans with the best coverage for your family, friends and yourself.




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