Checking Your Medical Insurance Status Using Emirates ID in the UAE

Medical Insurance status with Emirates ID- health insurance brokers- Gargash Insurance- UAE 02 Nov, 2023

Discover how to effortlessly check your medical insurance status in the UAE using your Emirates ID. Stay informed about your healthcare coverage with our step-by-step guide.

Medical insurance is a fundamental requirement for residents and citizen in the UAE. It ensures that individuals have access to quality healthcare when needed. A valid medical insurance cover is not just a legal requirement in the UAE but also a gateway to quality healthcare services.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Emirates ID serves a dual purpose—it's not just an identification card but also functions as a health insurance card. With the convenience of technology, checking your medical insurance status linked to your Emirates ID has become easier than ever. This article explores the various ways residents can utilize their Emirates ID to stay informed about their health coverage.


Quick Read Section

  • Health insurance is mandatory for all citizens and residents in the UAE.
  • Since 2017, health insurance providers have linked their policies with the Emirates ID, allowing residents to use their Emirates ID as a health insurance card at hospitals and clinics.
  • The process of checking medical insurance status with Emirates ID involves obtaining the ID, visiting the official website of the health insurance provider, sharing Emirates ID details, and using the ID number to gain an overview of the insurance plan, including coverage benefits and updates on treatments.
  • The integration of Emirates ID and health insurance reflects the UAE government's commitment to digitizing essential services, ensuring residents can easily access crucial information for peace of mind and financial security during medical emergencies.


Emirates ID and Health Insurance Integration

Health insurance is required for all citizens and residents with valid visas. The Emirates ID application process includes provisions for valid health insurance, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Residents in the UAE can enjoy the convenience of using their Emirates ID as a health insurance card at hospitals and clinics. Since 2017, health insurance providers in the UAE have been linking their policies with the Emirates ID of customers. Hospitals and clinics have also adopted Emirates ID card readers to check health insurance status and coverage benefits. The linkage between Emirates ID and health insurance policies streamlines the process, making it easier for individuals to access healthcare services. This initiative aligns with the UAE government's push towards digitizing services.


Step-by-Step Guide on Checking your Medical Insurance Status with Emirates ID

  • Step 1: Visit the Official Website of your Insurance Provider

Visit the official website or use the mobile app of your health insurance provider. Some companies have special apps where you can log in with your Emirates ID. If you're not sure, you can call their customer care hotline for assistance.

  • Step 3: Share Your Emirates ID Info

During this step, share your Emirates ID details, including the number on the front of your card. Check the information carefully to make sure it's accurate.

  • Step 4: Check Your Medical Insurance Status

Enter your Emirates ID number on the website or app to see gain an overview of your medical insurance plan, such as:

- Network of Hospitals linked to your insurance provider where you can access direct billing facilities.

- Status of your insurance policy, if it is active or expired.

- Table of Benefits, inclusions, and exclusions under your health insurance coverage

- Pending approvals of Reimbursement of healthcare treatments at non-network hospitals

The display will also show important details like the company name, type of insurance, what it covers, and how long it's valid. Make sure to check this info carefully for accuracy.

  • Step 4: Keep an Eye on Your Medical Insurance Status

Things can change with your health insurance when it's time to renew your policy or if you switch jobs. Checking your insurance status regularly helps you stay informed, so you can act quickly when needed.


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Ensuring that your medical insurance is in order is a responsibility that comes with residing in the UAE. Checking your medical insurance with your Emirates ID is simple and handy, giving you important details about your healthcare coverage. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily check your medical insurance status linked to your Emirates ID. The integration of Emirates ID and health insurance reflects the UAE's commitment to modernizing and digitizing essential services for the benefit of its residents.

Whether online or through customer care, you can easily access crucial information about your healthcare coverage, ensuring peace of mind and financial security during medical emergencies. Additionally, leveraging the expertise of a reputable insurance broker can enhance your overall insurance experience, providing you with peace of mind regarding your health coverage in the UAE.

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