March 04, 2022

Benefits of Health Insurance Policy in UAE

Health insurance covers medical expenses caused due to a health issue/illness. These charges can be associated with hospital costs, medicinal charges or even doctor consultation fees. We, as insurance intermediaries, make it a point to get you the best health insurance plans in the UAE according to your situation and needs.

  • Introduction:

UAE homes a state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure and an extensive network of medical professionals ensuring a high standard of healthcare in the UAE. The medical facilities offered are highly advanced and easily accessible for locals and expats alike. These are present in both private as well as government hospitals. Let us now look at different types of health insurance policies in the UAE.

  • Types of Health Insurance Policies:


Many different types of health insurance help you with your needs during an illness or a medical emergency. We study the type of health insurance most suited for you at the most affordable rates possible. Due to tie-ups with well-established insurance firms, we get you the best possible plans among the four below-mentioned lists of health insurance plans.


  • Basic Health Insurance:

A health insurance plan covers policyholders against all the medical expenses caused due to an injury or illness. Various health insurance companies in the UAE offer basic health insurance plans for individuals and families. When you or your family member get admitted to a hospital, these plans cover the treatment cost.


  • Comprehensive Health Insurance:

Comprehensive insurance provides extensive coverage against medical expenses. The comprehensive health insurance plan covers inpatient and outpatient medical expenses, including the cost of medicines, diagnostics and tests, doctor’s consultations, etc.

Gargash Insurance offers you the best & the most affordable services regarding effective health insurance plans in the UAE. You can even avail limited insurance cover for various services like physiotherapy, homoeopathy, osteopathy, etc. These are dependent on the insurance plans you choose. And some of those cover the expenses of home nursing and private ambulances.


Benefits of Comprehensive Health Insurance:

  • You get the medical cover for day-care procedures like hydrocele, radiotherapy, angiography, dialysis, chemotherapy, etc.
  • You get coverage for normal health check-ups as a precaution.
  • You get coverage for private ambulance services.
  • Some of the comprehensive health insurance plans even cover the expenses for organ donation.


Comprehensive insurance plans include personal accident insurance, family floater insurance, individual health insurance, critical illness insurance, and many more. Our team of experts aid you in purchasing the best medical insurance plan in the UAE based on your current medical condition.


  • Shariah Compliant Health Insurance:


Shariah Compliant Health Insurance is also called Takaful Insurance. This medical insurance enables members to contribute money to support each other’s medical expenses. These medical insurance plans are established on Islamic religious laws and explain that individuals should protect one another. Takaful insurance plans offer both life and medical insurance benefits. If any member registers a claim, the insurance amount gets paid out of the Shariah Compliant insurance fund created by other members.


  • Health Insurance With Direct Access To Hospitals:


These types of health insurance plans have direct tie-ups with their network hospitals. They provide cashless transactions for the policyholders to help them deal with their finances better. With our help, this process is made simpler and in an unfortunate situation at the hospital, you can straight away show your health insurance card and attain your hospital and other medical bills directly paid by your insurance company.


Benefits You Get With This Health Insurance Plan:


  • Cashless insurance reduces your financial burden and allows you to attend to your health
  • These kinds of insurance plans offer complete medical coverage, including the pre and post hospitalisation expenses
  • They give you peace of mind and prevent you from worrying about arranging the funds during bill payment.
  • Conclusion:

The certainty of life at any given time is not possible. Many insurance companies offer you a variety of health insurance policies and although they will benefit you, going through an insurance broker or intermediary serves you better in any medical emergency. We are one of the top insurance brokers. We work efficiently for your benefit and look after your needs advising you with the best health insurance policy in UAE. So, get in touch with us without any further delay.

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