9 Reasons Why You Need an Exercise Buddy

07 Jul, 2021

Why should you have to exercise alone? Exercising with a friend brings double the benefits. Here's why!

Exercise should be a fundamental part of your daily routine and it is recommended that you stay active, and couple it with a moderately healthy diet and lifestyle in general. However, health and fitness experts these days claim that being active does not have to be dreadful! A few minutes of intense focus and orderly consistency are all it takes. Moreover, like most parts of our lives, the company of someone you trust makes experiences much better, and exercise is no different. Why should you have to exercise, keep fit, healthy and stay active alone when you can combine fitness and companionship? In other words, an “exercise buddy”, is someone who will have your back, in the gym and otherwise, leaving you feeling empowered altogether. Here's WHY should you have a gym or exercise buddy:



To begin with, you have someone to motivate you to push yourself, to work hard and remain consistent if you were to slack off. Your exercise buddy would become your confidant in fitness, being fit and active. You would have their back too, should they need it. Sometimes we underestimate the need for a push of some sort, a little nudge to say, “Do it!”, where that nudge may be just what you needed to pull up the energy and drive to exercise.


We all love a little accountability in life! Being answerable for our actions and taking responsibility is important to accomplish our goals. Sometimes lack of the same gives room for de-motivation, lags, and the inability to reach your maximum potential. Your exercise buddy would then hold you accountable for your lags and motivate you to reach your fitness goals and targets. 


You could always just exercise alone, but why would you when you can use that extra backbone? If crowds at the gym or even going to the gym intimidates you, having a pillar by your side may help curb that little threat that may hinder the accomplishment of your fitness goals! Why should that little fear stop you from accomplishing your aspirations when you could achieve what you want with your exercise buddy otherwise known as the powerhouse of motivation!


Some things in life are better done together than alone perhaps the mere feeling of your very own support system, powerhouse, and driving force may motivate you to do better at keeping fit. And who knows? Perhaps your exercise buddy too may need a sense of “Team”, or motivation to be able to push harder. You, in that case, could serve as their confidant, conclusively strengthening your friendship and strive towards being healthy altogether. 


Just like with teamwork, the more participants you have, the more room there is for learning and exchanging ideas. There are multiple opportunities and times for both you and your exercise buddy to learn from, including techniques, timing, knowledge, and execution. In this case, the more the merrier and so exercising together may serve as an excellent learning experience for individuals in the expedition of being active and healthy.


If your exercise buddy happens to be your best friend or someone from your close circle, then the gym could be a change of scene and do good to help the both of you, talk, laugh it out, perhaps share your problems, listen, have them share theirs- confront the experience as something just two friends do together. Utilise the time you may spend in that little cafe around the block in the gym instead. In other words, ditch the croissant, do the crunch! 


While you and your exercise buddy are off firing those exercises, you could engage in a little healthy competition and make your workouts are a little less dreadful, and perhaps more fun. A healthy competition will stimulate an adrenaline rush of sorts, rendering an active, and better self all whilst being healthy. A healthy competition may enable you to put in extra effort, work harder, and increase productivity in the time you spend exercising. 


As you would share the slumps of life, you should also celebrate your victories, large or modest as they may be. Cherish the little moments of triumph as you should, having worked hard to achieve them. As such, you should not have to restrict your successes to just yourself, but share them with your exercise buddy who has rooted for you all the way.  


Worse comes to worst, if either of you were to come across an injury of some sort, you would always have the other for help or backup. That does not mean you take safety for granted and neglect appropriate measures, however, it does feel rather safe and secure to have some sort of backup, should you need it. 


Ultimately, it should be noted that you are doing this for yourself, for your health, fitness, and the sake of your healthy future. Remember that including an exercise buddy too is supposed to help YOU in some way or other. And while exercising at all is a way of taking care of yourself, there are other ways one must take into consideration in the quest to being healthy and fit.

Some of which includes, eating healthy, opting for home-cooked meals and food, prioritising better sleep and sleep patterns, meditating, reading at least a page a day, prioritising your mental health and giving yourself a break when you need to, making a little time for yourself. This is because only if you are healthy can you achieve other things in life like a career, education, social activity etc.

It is also important to consider acquiring Health Insurance for yourself,  So, in putting yourself first you are essentially giving room to all else that falls into place. And while exercising in itself may be quite the task, perhaps the company of a certain exercise buddy may make it slightly tolerable or better yet, fun, refreshing and enlightening in lots of ways. 

So Ditch the Croissant, Do the Crunches!

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