6 Factors to Choose the Best Family Health Insurance

6 Factors to choose best family health insurance- Health Insurance- Gargash Insurance 08 Dec, 2022

A family medical insurance plan covers all your family members, irrespective of age in a single insurance policy. Here are 6 key factors that will help you choose the best health insurance policy for your family.

Currently, medical emergencies and health-related issues are on the rise. With the onset of the pandemic, we have realised that medical insurance  is a privilege and a wise investment. Hospitalisation and medical treatments are costly. To avail the best healthcare services, we have to bear the high medical costs that go with them. A health insurance  plan can financially protect you during medical emergencies. With the wide variety and options available to choose from, selecting the best medical insurance can be confusing. However, our experienced health insurance brokers can help you select the right insurance that suits the needs of your family. In this blog, we have listed the 6 essential factors that will guide you in choosing the best health insurance policy for your family.   

A family health insurance plan is a type of plan, which offers cover for more than one member of the family. This cover is a fixed sum assured in return for an annual premium. This type of health insurance plan offers assured cover for two or more than two family members at the same time in case of hospitalisation or diagnosis of a disease. 


Quick Read Section

  • The increasing costs of medical treatments have made it difficult to avail the best healthcare treatments without incurring huge expenses.
  • A family medical insurance plan covers all your family members, irrespective of age in a single insurance policy.
  • A family insurance plan has a fixed sum insured and shared by all the family members. 
  • Most medical insurance plans provide cashless hospitalisation benefits, maternity coverage, and pre and post-hospitalisation benefits.


6 Factors that Will Help You Choose the Best Health Insurance for Your Family

  • Opt for the Right Insurance Coverage: Choosing medical insurance based on a lower premium rate without seeking maximum coverage could be troublesome later. Medical insurances with lower premiums usually offer inadequate coverage. This can lead you to pay more out of your pocket rather than saving on medical expenses. Considering the rising medical treatment costs, choosing medical insurance that offers maximum coverage has become imperative. The ideal family insurance plan should cover all your family members against maximum medical issues and offer benefits such as pre and post-hospitalisation, maternity expenses and more. 
  • Choose an Insurance with Lifetime Renewability: The need for medical insurance increases as we grow old. Hence, opt for an insurance that offers a lifetime renewability policy to protect your family against medical issues in the long run. While buying a healthcare policy, ensure that it provides lifetime benefits.
  • Pick a Family Plan over Individual Insurance: An individual medical plan is ideal for those who don’t have a family to look after. However, if you are buying insurance for your family, purchase a plan that benefits every family member. Family insurance will protect all your loved ones and offer you maximum benefits and coverage at affordable premiums. 
  • Compare Various Plans: In the UAE, numerous health insurance brokers and companies offer family medical insurance. Hence, it is necessary to do your research and choose the plan that best suits your family’s needs. It would be best to consider certain important factors while buying a healthcare plan. These include add-on benefits, the network of hospitals covered by the policy, and the sum insured under the insurance. Make an informed decision by comparing these key features before purchasing a policy to avail maximum benefits from it.
  • Greater Claim Settlement Ratio: You must choose medical insurance that offers you a higher Claim Settlement ratio (CSR). CSR is essentially the ratio of the total claims received and provided by the insurer. Choosing a plan with a higher CSR will increase the possibility of a quicker approval of your insurance claim during a medical emergency.
  • Higher Sum Assurance: A family health insurance will offer reimbursements for expenses up to a fixed assured sum. The higher the sum assured, the higher the costs covered by the policy. Medical treatments in the UAE can be quite expensive, and this feature can help ensure you get maximum coverage and benefits for your family.


What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Family Health Insurance in Dubai?

Here are some important considerations you should make before buying health insurance in Dubai for your family.

  • Ensure that the claim process is simple, as it speeds up the claims being processed.
  • Be sure to wisely choose the sum assured as it covers medical expenditures for an entire year. The policy offers lower premiums when you are younger.
  • Choosing a health insurance plan according to the age and medical history of your family members is an important consideration.
  • Make sure to pick a health insurance plan that offers maternity benefits, along with the applicable waiting period and sub-limit.
  • Choosing a health insurance provider that offers a great number of network hospitals.
  • Enquire about the list of hospitals for cashless hospitalisation.
  • People are often more prone to diseases in old age, so ensure that you opt for a health insurance plan with a lifetime renewability.


What are the Common Inclusions in a Family Health Insurance Plan?

  • Hospital room expenses
  • Doctor consultations
  • Operating room expenses
  • ICU bills
  • Ambulance expenses
  • Dental Coverage
  • Daycare processes
  • Maternity advantages


What are the Common Exclusions in a Family Health Insurance Plan?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Sport associated surgeries
  • Injuries associated with criminal activity
  • Treatment for addiction
  • Treatment associated with infertility


Consider the aforementioned factors when buying a family health insurance plan in the future. These key factors will enable you to choose the best health insurance for your near and dear ones. Medical insurance is a wise investment and will provide significant benefits in times of medical crisis. It is important to be insured and protected to avoid the financial burden that may befall during any required medical treatments. When you set out to buy a healthcare plan for your family, you could feel overwhelmed with the numerous options available in the market. For expert advice, feel free to contact our health insurance brokers, who apart from offering maximum benefits at affordable premiums, will assist you in every step while buying the best suited medical insurance policy for your family.


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