5 Essential Reasons Why You Need Critical Illness Cover Even if You Have Health Insurance

Critical Illness Cover- Health Insurance- Gargash Insurance 16 Nov, 2022

Critical illnesses are diseases that need immediate and intensive care. Unforeseen medical emergencies come with a price that can disrupt your financial state. Learn more about why you should invest in a critical illness coverage policy.

Living in a fast-paced lifestyle requires us to be more careful of our health. We are often caught unaware by medical emergencies, hence we should always anticipate and be prepared for a medical crisis. Critical illnesses are diseases that need immediate and intensive care. Although the healthcare system in the UAE is more than efficient, cutting-edge advancements come with a price that can disrupt your financial state. As a resident of the UAE, you might be aware of the importance of healthcare insurance during unfortunate emergencies. Critical illnesses are categorised as life-threatening or fatal diseases that involve kidney failure, stroke, paralysis, cancer, tumours, organ failures etc.

Critical illness cover policies are curated and specifically designed to offer the policyholder or any insured family member a lump sum in case of a life-threatening disease. When choosing a critical illness cover, ensure the policy provides coverage against long term and serious ailments that require expensive medical treatment. Among many reasons to buy a critical illness cover and your medical insurance is to take the edge off financial expenses during expensive treatments.


Quick Read Section

  • Critical illness cover offers financial coverage against life-threatening, fatal diseases that need substantial money.
  • Critical illnesses include cancer, heart stroke, heart surgery, tumours etc. Some of the exclusions are: death within 30 days of diagnosis of critical illness, illnesses developed due to excessive intake of tobacco or other drugs, etc.
  • The median range of critical illness coverage premium ranges from AED 200,000 to 500,000. All the insurance premiums are specific to insurance providers and varied plans.
  • The primary objective of medical insurance with a critical illness cover is to enhance the protection range of costs covered by health insurance policies.
  • Critical illness covers can be purchased as add-ons with an additional premium on the cost of medical insurance.


Essential Reasons Why You Need a Critical Illness Cover

We are all struck and fascinated by the fast pace of our lives. However, this modern lifestyle has led us to neglect our health and become more prone to diseases. Life-threatening diseases can be a significant cause of both financial and medical crises. Critical illness covers offer a lump sum of financial aid to secure the future of you and your loved ones. Treating critical illnesses requires a great load of money, so choosing a critical illness cover along with your medical insurance is a wise choice. Let’s run over why you need a critical illness cover.


 1. Financial Security: A significant number of critical illness cover offer a substantial sum of money that ensures to provide aid in 36 different illnesses. The more illnesses your plan covers, the more self-assured you will be when a medical emergency arises.

2. Simple Application Process: With the help of a health insurance broker, you can easily apply, claim and get your application approved. The entire application process with the experienced brokers at Gargash Insurance will be hassle-free and fully secured.

3. Lump Sum Coverage: The significant amount of money provided by critical illness covers can be used for treatment and supporting money to make ends meet. This is in case a family wage-earner is in a health crisis.

4. Pay out Guarantee: If an insured member is diagnosed with a critical illness, this cover offers a lump sum pay out for expensive treatments and intensive care.

5. Easy Claim Process: In case of a medical emergency the critical illness cover ensures an easier and a quicker claim.


How is a Medical Insurance Different from a Critical Illness Cover?


Medical Insurance

Critical Illness Cover

Offers complete and rounded health coverage

Offers protection and cover for life-threatening and critical illnesses.

Allows for the reimbursement of medical bills by submitting them to the insurance provider.

It does not require hospitalisation to apply for the claim.

Offers complete coverage against several medical conditions.

Offers illness cover against 36 critical illnesses.

Provides coverage including pre and post- hospitalisation costs.

Typically has a waiting period depending on the pre-existing disease.

Insurance is a complete healthcare plan.

Covers come as add-ons in your medical policy.


Documents Required and Eligibility Bracket for Critical Illness Cover:



  • A valid passport copy.
  • Valid visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Previous medical copy
  • A completed medical application form


Eligibility Bracket:

  • Applicants must be 18-65 years of age.
  • Valid Visa of Residence.


Protecting your health and your loved ones is necessary for a safe and secure future. Purchasing a critical illness cover with your medical insurance is a wise decision. In case you need immediate medical assistance, with a critical illness cover, you won’t have to worry about the financial aspect of it. You can purchase a critical illness cover through a health insurance broker, who will assist the customer every step of their insurance journey and also negotiate with insurers for best quotes to get you the best critical illness covers for you and your family.

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