10 Habits to Adopt in your 30’s to stay Fit

10 Habits to Adopt in your 30’s to stay Fit - Gargash Insurance 30 Aug, 2022

Getting in your 30's is a very crucial stage. Staying fit and healthy is very important. Here are the 10 top habits to maintain in your 30's to stay healthy. Read more.

Healthy habits to stay fit in 30's.

Food is fuel for our body. The right choice of food can keeps you young, healthy and disease free.

Our 30’s are the prime of our life.  A lot of important decisions around our careers progression, marriage and family planning, building a home, migration, taking care of family and even starting and running a business usually begin in 30’s. Amidst all these ambitions and responsibilities how can you prioritize your health?

We all know that aging cannot be avoided, its natural, but you can age healthily. While you cannot control everything in your daily life, you can surely control few important things which are diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep schedules to stay fit in your 30s and even later.

Are you living healthy lifestyle? Let us answer few questions here.

Are you drinking enough water?

You are thinking now if you are really drinking enough. If you do not drink enough water, it will lead to water retention in your body. Drinking 3 litter of water daily can help to improve the metabolism. People who drink good amounts of water are less likely to suffer from scars, wrinkles, and soft lines and they won't show as many signs of aging as those who drink little amounts of water

Are you skipping your daily breakfast?

Your breakfast should be balanced. A balanced breakfast contains 25% Protein, 25% Carbs and 50% Veggies and fruits. Poached eggs, avocado, overnight oats, and lentils are some of the best ways to start your day. Avoid the consumption of caffeine and high sugar foods like coffee and chocolate muffins from your breakfast.

Are you eating enough fibre?

Do you know that having more fibre regularly in every meal reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes? The recommended Daily dose of fiber is approx. 31 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

Here are the seven food habits which you should adopt to stay fit in your 30’s.

1. Make sure you are eating on time

Eating on time  will promote regular digestion of the food and regulate our body cycle. If we do not eat regular health meals, our body will not be able to sustain the metabolic rate and with cause it to slowdown. Most people aren’t aware that within 45 minutes of waking up in morning our metabolism rate is high. Breakfast should be had within 45 minutes after waking up, likewise lunch should be had by 1 pm and dinner by 8 pm for easy digestion.

2. Make protein as your priority in every meal 

Our eating habits affect our muscles, organs, hormones, and overall health Protein plays a big role in ensuring our health well-being. Consuming protein satisfies your hunger faster and aids to our physical health. dairy products like egg, milk and cheese, lean meats, sea foods, nuts, and beans are some options of protein rich foods that should be consumed at every meal

3. Choose carbs with fibre

Did you know that the increase in your blood sugar level, will make you feel hungry which can make you eat more than what your body needs? Consuming food, which is high in fiber, helps us control our blood sugar, cleanses our colon, and satisfies our hunger fast. Start adding fiber rich foold to your daily diet like whole grain, oats, brown breads, cereals, brown rice, legumes, fruits, and vegetables etc. Do you know that eating raw fruits is much healthier then drinking fruit juice?

4. Limit your caffeine consumption

Who does not like a coffee or chocolate? We might believe that starting your day with a cup of coffee is the right thing to do as it can instantly make us awake and ready for day. But no, its an addiction and it should be removed from our routine. High consumption of caffeine can cause serious impact on our body like, increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart attacks, and increase in insomnia and headache.

5. Limit your salt and sugar intake

High sugar intake will cause insulin resistance and increase the risk of diabetes, obesity and frequent infections. Ideal sugar consumption is just 24 grs. per day.

Too much of salt can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. It can also result in calcium lose which will weaken the bones in long run. Ideal salt consumption per day is 1,500 mg which is 2/3 of teaspoon. Now you know how much more you are consuming.

6. Learn to portion control

Appropriate portion size helps you to digest your food better. Overeating can cause insulin resistance, which can put you at the risk of getting diabetes. It might not always be possible to maintain these ratios but we should try to as much as possible

Your Plate


Fruits & Veggie

Carbs and starch

Breakfast Plate




Lunch Plate




Dinner Plate




7. Practice healthy snacking

It is hard to resist our food cravings. Isn’t it? It is not that you cannot have fast food occasionally but add healthy snacking in your lifestyle. Eat junk food while you are busy  is common, for those time instead of ordering some fast food, try to replace it with mixed nuts, and veggies like carrots, bell pepper or cucumber.

8. Prioritize exercising 

C’mon you cannot wait for the new year to roll around to start working out. Go for a run or walk, do yoga, work on HIIT training and lift weights. Fitness cannot be achieved by just changing food habits.

9. Get sufficient sleep

Aren't we all aware that we need atleast 8 hours of sleep daily for optimum health. 
Enough sleep boosts your immune system, mood and reduces stress. Learn to give enough time to your sleep and keep yourself away from stress as much as its possible

Incorporate a relaxation exercise in your daily routine and, stay away from TV, cell phone, internet, and social media which increases your social anxiety. Instead, maintain your friendships and relationships which will support your mental health and  boost our immune system.

Also, maintain a record of your your health history, and schedule routine check-ups to save yourself from any unwanted disease.

10. Invest in a health insurance plan

Investing in a suitable health insurance plan while you are young is beneficial for many reasons. For one, your health insurance premium will be lower. At the beginning of a health insurance, there is usually a waiting period, exhausting this period while you are young and healthy is good for your health and your wallet! If you haven’t already invested in a health insurance plan, 30’s is the time to do so. To discover plans customized for your unique needs, reach out to our team of health insurance experts


Finally, irrespective of your age, choose to live with contentment and stay healthy to enjoy the journey of life😊






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