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Avail coverage for medical & hospitalization expenses across the globe including your home country

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Protection against Medical Expense Inflation

Curb the effects of the unprecedented inflation of healthcare expenses, and sustain your savings during medical emergencies

Mandated by Law in Abu Dhabi (HAAD) & Dubai (DHA)

For an uncomplicated and penalty free visa issuance process in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, a valid health insurance is necessary.

Health Insurance

Cashless treatments

Avoid the inconvenience of paying cash for your treatments, instead present your insurance card to avail medical services.

Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance for all your Needs

Our diverse healthcare plans that include individual, family, critical illness, senior citizen, and group health insurance will cover you in your times of need

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Health Insurance starting at AED 2.04 /day*

Get affordable health insurance coverage and save on unforeseen medical expenses.

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Features and Benefits

  • Coverage against unforeseen medical expenses

    An unforeseen illness can overwhelm one with mental anguish and stress. Having a health insurance policy that covers your medical expense will ease the process and support your healing

  • Coverage of pre- hospitalization & post-hospitalization expenses

    The medical costs incurred prior to getting admitted in the hospital and post the treatment are covered in our health insurance plans

  • Coverage of inpatient and outpatient treatment

    The need for inpatient and outpatient treatment will depend on severity or type of ailments. Get health insurance including coverage for both.

  • Covid-19 Coverage *

    Amidst this pandemic, a cover for Covid -19 is crucial for everyone, hence we have this covered in our health insurance plans

    *Subject to change as per regulator and contingent to conditions laid down by Health Authorities of specific Emirate. Coverage will be subject to severity of the disease and subsequent hospitalizations.

  • Emergency Medical cover

    The Emergency Medical benefit covers treatment for an unexpected illness or injury or any life-threatening conditions by offering extensive coverage and acting as a financial cushion in case of medical emergencies.

  • Access to the major medical providers / hospitals for direct billing

    Certain health conditions might require treatment from specialists. Under our health insurance plan, members have access to an extensive network of medical service providers / hospitals to choose from

  • Safeguard financial security

    In the absence of a health insurance policy, one might be forced to dip into life savings during medical emergencies. Hence, health insurance policy plays an important role in safeguarding financial security of your family

  • Vaccination cover for the kids

    Our health insurance plan covers the cost of immunizations and preventive care services for the children of policyholders

  • Annual health check ups

    Members can avail to annual health checkups, including routine screening tests to ensure good health and timely identification of underlying diseases / ailments

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  • Greetings! This is actually a great platform to appreciate the staffs who really deserve. Mr. Irfan Pasha, Ms. Nimmy and Ms. Anupama Rao - The best insurance staffs I have ever dealt with. Loads of Thanks for their working experiences, valuable knowledge the professional customer service techniques, best efforts to solve the issues, smoother and quicker to ensure customer satisfactions. The service from Gargash Insurance has continually been amazing!

    - Deepika Devajana
  • We had a challenge getting our medicines through insurance as we were flying on an emergency. However thanks to some excellent support from staff at Gargash Insurance, especially Linta. we got our approvals and our medicines on time. Keep up the good work.

    - Chris Abraham
  • Dealt numerous times with Ms. Tina Auditor Guinto, she was prompt in replying, resolving the issue. Her follow-up of the matter was meticulous coupled with excellent PR skills.

    - Govind Nayak
  • One of the best Professional, friendly and Customer oriented teams who are ready to serve us with all kind of insurance plans within our budget. Thanks!!!Special thanks to Ms. Reshma Ajith for her quick and prompt assistance.

    - Sahu ns
  • A highly professional and trustworthy insurance service. I have to specially mention Dr.Krishna Sethu who helped me with my health insurance. She is not only professional but is very knowledgeable and ethical too. I would like to thank her and the Gargash Insurance company for their services.

    - parvathyhari 1992
  • Kayezel is very responsive and fulfilled assistance of helping me on the clinic that is so much convenient for me. She is a person I will look for my future requests as she is a way over helpful to me keep up the good work.

    - Nitheesh Gopalakrishnan
  • I have been interacting with M/s. TINA AUDITOR GUINTO since 4 years for insurance claims and i am extremely happy by the way i have been given response in setting the claims at the shortest time and clarifying the queries and timely arranging of necessary approvals from the insurer. I appreciate her sincere efforts and wish her all the very best in her work. Asif Ahmed Sr. QHSE Engineer Ocean Rubber Factory LLC-SHJ.

    - Quality System & Training
  • We have enjoyed continuous relationship with Gargash Insurance Brokers LLC. for our insurance requirements. They are very professional, go out of the way to serve our needs, are available on call beyond working hours or work days. I personally wish to thank Anupama Rao for her extended support and excellent service. Recommend this Company for your related requirements. Kind regards,

    - Dipti Lilani
  • Gargash Insurance is the most professional and customer oriented company, I have been dealing with Mr. Irfan Pasha for my family medical insurance, most responsive service always.

    - nidheesh nidheesh
  • Hello, David here, Actually, I made my first impression on her from the first sight. I was facing a trouble with some credential and arrangements but when I called Linta Merlin. She told me it's a quite easy and it's going to get just a few minutes to resolved. I really got surprised when she came back with the solution of the issue I face. I want to say thank you so much you are an asset to your organization.

    - David Mackman
  • If you are looking for professional brokers who can fulfill your insurance related requirements then Gargash Insurance service is your best bet. They are good at collecting accurate information & presenting best rates from market. You can easily leave all that hassle to them and their professional team will take care of the rest for you. They will stay in touch with you and take you through the process so that you can make the best informed decision.

    - uniCare Medical Centre HR Dept

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Gargash Insurance, an integral part of the Gargash Group of Companies, has been delivering excellence in insurance broking and risk management services in the UAE since 1994. A team of over 300 qualified insurance professionals, an expansive network of local and international insurers, our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and the regulatory framework has enabled us to consistently deliver excellence to our diverse range of clientele.


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What you need to know about Health Insurance Policies?

1. Why do I need Health Insurance?
  • Mandatory requirement - As part of their efforts to create an integrated healthcare system in UAE, the health authorities (DHA & DOH) have mandated all residents to have a valid insurance policy that covers their medical expenses.
  • For visa stamping purpose - In DOH & DHA, all employers and individual sponsors insuring their employees, domestic help or dependents must provide medical insurance. Failure to do so will result in complications with visa issuance and will be penalized for the same. The law ensures that only those with a valid insurance card can proceed with the visa stamping.
  • To cover the medical expenses – Health insurance helps pay for your health care. It can help cover services ranging from routine doctor visits to major medical costs and covers many preventive services to keep you healthy
2. Why is it so important to declare my pre-existing conditions?
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are illnesses or injuries that exist before you take out a travel insurance policy, they include chronic diseases, such as hypertension, respiratory diseases, and diabetes as well as any diseases that you may be receiving treatment for, such as cancer. Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety may also fall under pre-existing conditions
  • Pre-existing diseases need to be declared while buying health insurance because your policy is underwritten based on your health declaration
  • As per the requirement of the insurer, certain policies/member addition is included with a medical application form, where the pre-existing existing medical conditions including signs are symptoms must be declared.
  • The insurer would require the MAF (medical application form) to understand the risk of the policy and to cover the conditions with additional premium, if required.
  • Any undeclared pre-existing condition will not be covered (MAF required policies) as per the medical policies and hence it is necessary to declare the pre-existing condition to avail the coverage of the conditions.
  • Depending on the plan (whether Individual or Group), declaration of pre-existing chronic condition is important for the insurance company to provide coverage of the declared conditions for the policy year. A medical application form (MAF) and a latest medical report is required to be submitted for the insurance company to review the current health condition of the member. An additional loading/premium on top of the standard rate will be levied for the declared cases. Final amount will be coming from the insurance company upon reviewing the submission.
3. What is covered under health insurance in UAE?

Kindly note, the coverage of the medical insurance is subjected to the Table of benefits under the policy, where the coverage is well defined with the limits and sublimit.

Some of the coverage under the medical insurance is as below, which is again depends on the benefits you choose.

  • Maternity Cover - Maternity coverage includes the prenatal, postnatal and delivery expenses as per the agreed policy terms.
  • Emergency cover - The Emergency Medical benefit covers treatment for an unexpected illness or injury or any life-threatening conditions which offers extensive coverage and acts as a financial pillow in case of medical emergencies.
  • Vaccination cover for the kids – cover the cost of immunizations and preventive care services as per health plan.
  • Diagnostic test & treatments – The medical policies will cover the medically indicated Tests, diagnosis, treatments, and surgeries in hospitals for non-urgent medical cases
  • Outpatient Services – Any services as outpatient, such as consultation, lab/radiology tests, pharmaceutical/medicine, etc. will be covered.
  • Inpatient Services – Any treatment which required more than 12 hours of admission is referred as inpatient services and the same will be covered as per the terms agreed.
  • Day case – Any day case admission for any small procedures will also be covered under the medical insurance.
4. What is not covered under health insurance in UAE?

All the medical insurance is having a standard exclusion and any services mentioned under the same will not be covered.

Some of the excluded services are as below.

  • Any treatment which is not medically indicated will not be covered.
  • Treatment related to cosmetic will not be covered.
  • Treatment related to obesity.
  • Any Hazardous sports activity, suicide etc will not be covered.
  • External prosthetic devices and medical equipment.
  • Patient treatment supplies (including for example: elastic stockings, ace bandages, gauze, syringes, diabetic test strips, and like products; non-prescription drugs and treatments,) excluding supplies required as a result of Healthcare Services rendered during a Medical Emergency.
5. What Factors Affect Health Insurance Premiums in the UAE?
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Age Factor - Overage members
  • Marital Status (E.g., Married Females)
  • Gender
  • BMI (Individuals)
  • Loss Ratio (Groups)
  • Type of coverage (Network/ Benefits etc)
6. How is the deductible applied?
  • Deductible is applied based on the policy terms and conditions.
  • For groups, you have the options to choose from such as 20% with a CAP.
  • The amount is being borne by the member/insured and paid from their own pocket when going for the out-patient check-ups and/or diagnostic, whenever applied as per the terms and conditions of the policy.
7. Will I be covered for any pre-existing and chronic conditions?
  • Yes, but for Individual Cases, only if declared in the medical form.
  • For Groups – Major declarations are generally required so here also it would be covered if declared.
  • A waiting period may be applied on the policy (depending on the plan & insurer)
  • It may not be covered if the Medical Condition falls under the Exclusion List.
8. What should be done if an insurer does not carry his medical card to avail a medical service at a health care provider?
  • These days most of the policies are card-less policy is activated on the Emirates id and medical insurance policy is linked through the member’s Emirates ID
  • Emirates id is a mandatory requirement for all medical providers.
  • Members Can Use Insurer or TPA Mobile Application
  • Members Can Use ECARDS
9. Is maternity covered?
  • The coverage is subjected to the updating of the marital status, as ‘Married’ in the insurance system with the valid marriage certificate.
  • For Abu Dhabi & Dubai Visa holders, it is mandatory cover (DOH & DHA); So yes, it is covered.
  • For Northern Emirates some plans may not have Maternity covered (mostly for individual policies only)
  • Any undeclared maternity cases will not be covered, for the policies with declaration.
  • For Daman AUH Basic, if the member was added as single and is newly married (after policy inception), Maternity benefit can be requested to Daman during midterm amendment to add/update in the policy of the member. However, if marriage date mentioned in the certificate is prior to the policy inception date, Maternity correction can only be done during the renewal period and must be informed accordingly.
  • Policy waiting period will be applied as per the policy terms and conditions.
10. Is optical & dental treatments covered?
  • Optical & dental is an additional benefit covered if chosen at the time of placement (additional premium applies) will be covered as per the terms.
  • Dental and Optical cover is always come with certain services with a specific limit.
11. Are family plans the cheapest health insurance in the UAE?
  • The cheapest plans are the basic plan set by the authority (DOH & DHA).
  • The plans could be for families as well as employees alone.
12. How many claims are allowed during the health insurance plan period?
  • There is no any restriction of number of claims during the policy period, however the maximum coverage will be up to the annual limit, sub limits.
  • At the same time, certain services are having limited sessions like physiotherapy, alternative benefit etc, which will be as per the agreed benefits.
13. Can I have more than one medical insurance policy?
  • No, one single policy only.
  • As per the law, dual coverage is not being allowed in the UAE. Hence, only 1 medical insurance policy should be active for the member.
14. Is there a period of time during which I can cancel my medical insurance plan without charge?
  • NO, cancellation charges apply and note that cancellation can only be done, if the member has cancelled visa (individual & groups) or has a prove of another insurance active already (groups)
  • Due to the medical insurance being mandated by law, Mid-term cancellation can only be done if the member can provide the following documents:
    • Visa cancellation copy; or
    • Application for a new insurance policy.
  • Cancellation fee may not be applied; however, deletion clause will be applied such as no refund for the cancellation and/or short-term deletion clause period will be applied
15. Can I visit a hospital not listed in my network provider list?
  • The coverage outside the network is subjected to the availability of the reimbursement benefit under the policies.
  • In case of any life-threatening emergencies, the member can access non network provider with a case notification to the insurer within 24 hours from the time of incidence.
  • There will not be any reimbursement for elective treatment for the basic policies, without reimbursement benefit.
16. What are the documents Required for Health Insurance Claim Reimbursement?

Medical Claim Reimbursement Checklist:
- Duly filled out claim form of the concerned insurance company / TPA, signed and stamped by the treating doctor with beneficiary signature
- All official itemized invoices with the service details
- Payment proof such as official receipts, paid stamp, card payment slips, etc.
- Prescription from the treating doctor for all the medications availed and for optical items.
- All the diagnostic reports including but not limited to Laboratory and Radiology reports
- Referral letterfrom specialist consultant and progress reports (after every 5 sessions) for claims related to physiotherapy treatment/ chiropractic treatment
- Discharge summarywith theoperative notes(for surgical treatment) for all the inpatient, daycare, emergency admissions
- Medical Report with injury details (when, where and how) for claims related to any kind of injuries
- Medical Insurance cardcopy
-  Bank Details (if applicable)
- Copy of passport showing exit and entry stamp for the treatments done outside UAE
- A police report in case of accident (if covered under medical policy)

Important Notes:

  • The insurance company has the right to request further documents not mentioned above such as detailed medical report, etiology, medical justification, etc. if required to further process the claim
  • Pre-approval / intimation is required for In-Patient and Daycare treatments outside network and outside UAE including high cost (invasive) Out-patient procedures
  • All Emergency cases must be notified within 24 hours from the admission date per DHA exclusion # 21
  • Claim documents must be in English or Arabic language only
  • All the documents must be submitted with the cut off period per policy terms and conditions