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February 05, 2018

What’s Covered In Fire Insurance Policies

fire insurance policies

There have been a number of fire incidents, including those on the high rises, in the UAE.

There have been a number of fire incidents, including those on the high rises, in the UAE. Negligence on the part of building owners in following the fire safety code will mean that they will end up paying for the services by the authorities in case of a fire. A business owner who failed to ensure that his facility followed the fire safety code was handed a AED80,000 bill to cover the expenses for putting out the fire that broke out at his establishment.

The charges were based on the number of hours spent on extinguishing the fire, the number of fire engines and firefighter teams used, and workers and materials employed during the firefighting operation. These charges for putting out a fire range from AED50,000 to AED250,000.

There are a number of fire insurance policies available to protect the insureds. A number of factors are considered before deciding about the kinds of policies to be taken. Fire insurance covers damage or loss to a property because of fire. It is a specific form of insurance in addition to homeowner's or property insurance, and it covers the cost of replacement and repair or reconstruction above what the property insurance policy covers.

However, a policyholder cannot claim compensation for charges levied by the authorities (like in the case of charges of AED50,000 to AED250,000 for fire fighting on account of the negligence of not following the fire safety codes), unless these clauses are incorporated in the policies.

The common policies are Homeowners insurance, Commercial Property Insurance with specific clauses incorporated in the policies. Homeowners coverage usually extends to personal belongings, such as appliances, furniture and clothing. Such insurance typically helps protect personal belongings from specific risks (described in most policies as "perils"), such as fire.

Commercial property insurance plans vary from policy to policy, but are essentially categorized by the type of event leading to a loss, and by what specifically is insured. Basic property insurance usually covers losses caused by fires or explosions, theft, damage from vehicles or airplanes or acts of vandalism.


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