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As part of the mandatory health insurance for all employees in Dubai, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are required to provide medical insurance to their staff.

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renewal of policy with another insurer

Preference and customer satisfaction are relative as far insurance services are concerned.

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basmah initiative for free cancer screening and treatment

Basmah is an initiative of the Health Funding Department of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for screening and treating cancer.

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renew health insurance or face fine

If you have not kept the health insurance policy renewed as prescribed by the law you will have to pay fines.

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professional indemnity insurance cover in the uae

“To err is human” but in a highly competitive professional world, the margin for errors is very thin. A recent example is a Dh50million suit for compensation by a leading bank against a hotel.

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when business is interrupted

The going may be good for your business, and thriving too. But things can go haywire abruptly, from a disastrous fire or any natural calamities