“If you treat your employees like they make a difference, they will” – Jim GoodNight, CEO SAS, one of Fortune’s 100 best places to work…

The strength of a business comes from their employees. Ideologies, structure etc are crucial for the function of a business but your greatest resource and most valuable asset will always be your employees. They form the road for your success, create software, write plans, execute them and it is very important that you treat them right!

Your employees trust you and came on board the Organisation because they believe in the same things you do.

How it works?


So what is your job now?

Ensuring that your company makes the best of your employees?

Yes, but try again!

Your duty is to protect your employees against ‘worst-case scenarios’ to give them the optimal environment to perform well, in turn increase the Organisation’s growth. This is also a very rewarding and responsible thing to do.

Today, some of the leading companies have understood the significance of creating a great work experience, and taken it in their stride to care of their employees with a passion. But in reality majority of the employers come to a decision to protect their employees with merely a Workmen’s Compensation policy cover just to comply with the labor law of the country.

Allow us to enlighten you on the Workmen Compensation front!

Workmen's Compensation Policy is designed to protect the employer against their liabilities to employees in respect of injuries suffered by them in the course of their employment as per Labour Law/Workmen's Compensation Ordinance.

There are many policies and prices in the market. Now, the question is: Which one is the best for your organization?

To set up your complete protection plan for your employees, you need experienced and qualified advice from a professional insurance consultant.

Here comes our expert advice!

If your employees are insured just with Workmen’s Compensation policy cover then, well, TIME FOR AN UPGRADE! Here is where we come into your black and white picture. Group Life and Personal Accident cover provides a broader and comprehensive coverage with an affordable premium and helps to protect the risk of ‘natural & accidental death’ as well as ‘disabilities’ due to sickness or accidents of your employees and the cover is on a 24 hour basis anywhere in the world.

The Group Life & Personal Accident policy can be extended to cover the following:
  • Double Accidental Death benefit: In the event of death due to accident an additional sum assured equal to the basic sum assured shall be paid.
  • Permanent Total Disability due to accident/sickness: A lump sum benefit equal to the sum assured shall be paid should an insured employee become totally and permanently disabled due to an accident/sickness.
  • Permanent Partial Disability due to accident/sickness: In case of loss by physical separation of any limb or other organ of any insured, percentage of sum assured shall be paid
  • Temporary Total disability due to accident/sickness: In the event of the insured employee becoming totally unable to follow his normal occupation as a result of continuous and total disablement due to accident/sickness; the salary up to a maximum of 52/104 weeks shall be paid as long as such disability continues.
  • Accidental Medical Expense: In the event of the Medical Expenses incurred due to an Accident, whether work related or not, the insured employee shall be paid the cost of the expense. This benefit is limited to a maximum amount. This amount can be selected by the employer at the time of inception of the policy.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains to home country: In the event of death, the Repatriation Costs of the body or mortal remains to the home country of any deceased employee including the expenses of the accompanying person shall be paid. This benefit is limited to a maximum amount. This amount can be selected by the employer at the time of inception of the policy.
No, we aren’t done!


No, we aren’t done!


Yet another add-on cover for Group Life is Critical Illness cover, which is vital due to the life style shift of the insured and their loved ones in case the insured is diagnosed with a ‘Critical Illness’. Critical illness insurance is a financial protection plan in which the insurer is contracted to make a lump sum cash payment, when the insured member is diagnosed with one of the specified terminal illnesses.


The Critical Illness plan provides protection in the following ways:

  • It pays for the costs of the care and treatment; as a lump sum amount upon diagnosis
  • It pays for healing aids;
  • It helps replacing any lost income due to a decreasing earning ability
  • It funds for a change in lifestyle
  • Peace of mind and support financially

By providing Group Life & Personal Accident cover with Critical Illness cover add on, you will add an extra benefit on your packages to attract talent and most importantly you will create a safe and protected workplace for your employees and their loved ones.

Isn’t this what you want for your workers and also for your business to bloom?

An experienced insurance consultant can provide suitable advice and recommendation to tailor the most appropriate solution by understanding the needs and requirements of the employer.

How to obtain your Plan?


How to obtain your Plan?

Coverage can be tailored to meet the unique individual needs of our clients. Please contact your relationship manager or our specialist advisors to obtain further information.

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