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Introducing the RTA Phone App for Faster, Quicker, Efficient Reporting and Safe Journey
RTA Phone App

RTA makes reporting minor accidents and issues on the road very simple for motorists via a smartphone app launched. You will now be able to report any minor accidents on road through the RTA app instead of calling Dubai Police Officers on patrol to attend to the accident location. The smart app identifies the location of the accident, sends a message to the nearest police station and updates you with a progress report which you can directly send to the Insurance Company for claim.

What you need you to do?
RTA Phone App
How it works?


How it works?
  • Exact location of the accident and the nearest police stations are identified.
  • The Police Officers will check the data and issue a report right away.
Whom it benefits


Whom it benefits?
  • Motorists can report the accidents via Smartphone rather than calling or waiting for the Police Patrol car to arrive on the scene.
  • A copy of the police report will be sent to their email
  • And for onward submission to the insurance companies to process their claim.
  • Reduces traffic jams that occurs during traffic accidents


We're proud to have been awarded the prestigious title 'Chartered Insurance Brokers' by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). The award of Chartered titles is strictly controlled and is an objective measure of high standards of professionalism...

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