New Changes in Health Authority Abu Dhabi for Basic Plan

Across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) have announced new changes to the health insurance plans, thereby providing appropriate health care for all participants in the health insurance scheme.

In its endeavor to set a benchmark in the health care and medical services, Abu Dhabi launched the health insurance law as the first step towards maintaining a global standard in health care and medical services for the capital. Since 2006, health insurance was compulsory for all expatriateswho were residing and working in the emirate.While Emiratis have insurance for inpatient and outpatient health care under the“Thiqa” plan, expatriates are insured either under the subsidized basic plan provided by The National Health Insurance Company (Daman) at a premium of AED 600 per member per year or other enhanced insurance plans with varying degrees of access.

How it works?


As per HAAD, the insurance plans for expatriate residents are paid for by employers, according to Law No. (23) of 2005. According to this mandate, employers must also provide insurance for an expatriate employee's wife and three children below the age of 18 years. The law restricts the employer or sponsor from passing on the cost of providing health insurance to their employees and dependents, and such an act is considered as a violation of the law.

With effect from July 1 2016, HAAD has announced a number of amendments to the Emirate’s health insurance plans in both “Thiqa” plan and the Abu Dhabi basic plan….

Some of the major changes on the Abu Dhabi Basic Plan effective from 1st July 2016 are

  • Only holders of a visa issued in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi will be eligible for the Abu Dhabi Basic plan.
  • New premiums will apply for Abu Dhabi Basic plan with the base rate of AED 800 for employees up to the age of 59 years and AED 5,500 for employees aged 60 years and above. An additional maternity surcharge of AED 750 for married females between 18 -45 years and small investor surcharge of AED 1,900 is applicable.
  • The dependents (Family - wife and up to 3 children under 18 years as well as Group and Small Investors Policies) are charged with rates on age banded basis ie. 0 – 17 years: AED 800; 18 – 40 Years: AED1, 500; 41 – 59 Years: AED 3,000; 60 and above: AED 10,500. In addition to which maternity surcharge of AED 750 applies.
  • Workers above 40 years of age will have an optional co-payment of up to 50% of their own insurance policy’s premium; the co-payment percentage is to be set in agreement between the employees and their employers.
  • All employees under the Abu Dhabi Basic Plan will be obligated to pay 50% of the insurance policy’s premium for their dependents (e.g. wife and three children), depending on their dependents’ age . Other dependents such as father, mother and fourth child are to be fully covered by the employee.
  • Domestic workers at Emirati households are exempt from these changes until the necessary framework is in place to support this category.

Working towards a healthcare sector, HAAD believes that these changes will be instrumental in reaching the vision of a “healthier Abu Dhabi”. As promising at it seems, the recent changes have made choosing the appropriate insurance a critical one.

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