Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

Mandatory Medical Insurance (ISAHD) By June 2016

Making the insurance cover mandatory could really bring some fabulous results to everyone on their day to day health requirements. Dubai has taken the best steps in adopting to this globally accepted practice. As per Dubai Health Insurance Law No. 11 of 2013, every citizen and expatriates (residence), who are holding Dubai visa, should have health insurance cover. DHA has declared that they are on the verge of implementing this mandatory health insurance scheme ISAHD (Bringing Happiness) by June 2016...


Heavy Rains/Floods in the UAE!!

In the month of March, 2016, the UAE observed a shattering storm and extreme weather situations, along with heavy rains that covered the whole country that resulted in the flooding causing devastation in the entire nation. This was seen in almost allareas of the UAEwhile the area of Northern Emirates i.e. Dubai...

Engineering Insurance

Dubai's export 2020 construction boom to boost UAE construction sector

The need for the engineering insurance raised when the machine world started to bring the important changes to the life of people. It supported the industrial revolutions in Britain, Germany and in other European countries.It started with the insurance of...

Home Insurance

Protection of a lifetime savings called “Home”

Fires or anything that has been shown here are a very uncommon thing in UAE. In the recent times, we have noticed that there has been very few such incidents where the damages has been caused by any storm or water making huge loss to any owner or tenant in the region....

Travel Insurance

Leave your worries & enjoy your trips

A perfect Travel Insurance covers the medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancellation, flight accident and other such losses that occurred during the travel to domestic or international destinations. We bring the best choice for you to choose from for the Travel Insurance to satisfy your needs in the best way....


We are proud to have been awarded the prestigious title 'Chartered Insurance Brokers' by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). The award of Chartered titles is strictly controlled and is an objective...

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