Heavy Rains/Floods in the UAE!!

The month of March 2016 saw UAE witnessed heavy rains followed by thunder and strong winds especially around areas of Jebel Ali in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Fujairah. The well connected roads of Dubai were hit with traffic coming to a near standstill as people tried beat the rough weather.An article in Khaleej times mentioned, “The Dubai Police had recorded at least 253 traffic accidents and received 3,200 emergency calls from the roads of Dubai in a span of seven hours from 6 am to 1 pm”. The situation wreaked havoc with heavy loss of damage of homes, cars and offices.

A 32-year-Old, Gulzar Ahmed, resident of Discovery Gardens in the Jebel Ali, recollects how he narrowly escaped drowning by jumping out of his car, as a burst water main sent gallons of water cascading into the streets around Ibn Battuta Mall, flooding their cars. “It was beyond us…. I knew our cars will never be the same again… “sadly quips Gulzar.

Long after this event,a number of affected motor vehicle owners whose vehicles either submerged in the floods or had engine seizure created by driving in the floods are still seeking remedy. The desperate Motor Vehicle Owners have turned to other Cars Insurers for respite, which was short lived,in some cases as consumers have come face on with the reality of their Insurance Policies.

While flood damage is generally covered for house related damage, the story can be very different when it comes to cars. Those who had ‘Comprehensive Coverage’ as part of their Auto Insurance Policy with an extension for flood and home coverage were saved a bitter fate.This type of policy protection against the above, eventually car owners who did not have this coverage realised that their insurance will not pay for the damage.

The March 2016 Dubai floods has brought quite an awareness on the right auto insurance to be procured to combat the unpredictable weather conditions and it is imperative for customers to choose the right Insurance.
We, at Gargash Insurance, can assist you in providing the necessary cover to adequately protect you.



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