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Recent Fire Events & significance Of Insurance
Recent Fire Events & significance Of Insurance

Weather, Nature and climate changes bring about catastrophic and specific damages to properties and assets. While in the Northern Hemisphere it is in the form of Hurricanes, storms, floods and forest fires, In the middle east such events are mostly caused by rising temperatures. Thus we find more frequent incidents of fire in our region during summer. This causes huge loss to business in terms of material damages and consequential business related losses.

Event 1: Al Sajjah Industrial Area | Source: Khaleej Times

Event description: Fire break out
Occupancy: Waste dump area and Diesel Warehouse
How it happened?

According to the Director General of Sharjah Civil Defense, Col. Sami Al Naqbi, the fire started at 2.30 am and continued until 9 am. Due to flammable material and speed of the wind the flames spread quickly. The civil defense fire fighters from all Sharjah fire station including Ajman civil defense managed to control the fire from propagating to other diesel warehouses in the area.

Event 2: Sharjah Industrial Area No. 10 | Source: Khaleej Times

Event description: Fire break out
Occupancy: Lubricants and Oil plant factory
How it happened?

According to officials, poor fire safety measures and storing inflammable materials without adequate precautions have led to this fire incident. Firefighters took a long time to douse the fire, due to the inflammable nature of the stored materials which also produced thick smoke that enveloped the area.

Event 3: Industrial area of Ajman & Sharjah | Source: Khaleej Times

Event description: Fire break out
Occupancy: Plastic factory in Al Hamriyah and Furniture Factory in Al Jarf Industrial Area/ Sharjah Industrial area 13
Loss: Loss to property of 24 warehouses
How it happened?

In Ajman, the fire gutted 12 warehouses in Industrial Area 13. The Fire fighters contained the blaze and prevented it from spreading to nearby warehouses and factories.

In another fire, 12 warehouses were gutted after a huge fire broke out in the industrial area 13 near National Paint.

According to officials, poor fire safety measures and storing inflammable materials without adequate precautions have led to the fire incidents.

Recommendations/Actions from Officials:

  • Officials urged the owners of warehouses, factors and works shops in industrial areas to follow the safety procedure particularly the one related to proper storing of goods to ensure the safety of the workers and prevent loss of properties.
  • Civil defense has stepped up its inspection targeting companies, warehouses and factories violating rules and endangering lives.
  • The civil defense authority urged owners of workshops, factories and warehouses to follow the fire protection regulations to avoid loss of lives and properties.
  • They will also intensify inspections of warehouses to ensure whether the companies are following fire safety rules. The authorities warned errant companies will face tough fine for violations.

Alternative Risk Transfer method:

Insurance is one of the most viable option of transferring the potential business risk to a prudent insurer. It is highly recommended that each property or a business owner to insure their risks. Insurance can help a business at times of drastic unfortunate events in recovering back to business over a period of time without affecting your income flow adversely.

We at Gargash Insurance Services can assist in providing solutions to the respective business risk and help in negotiating and obtaining a tailor made insurance policy from the best rated insurance companies in the UAE.

For any assistance, please do give a call @ 800 GARGASH or please get in touch with us on our online chat portal in our website

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